Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Wedding Pictures!

Today I am looking forward to having lunch with my new daughter-in-love, Kristi!  :)  Which reminds me . . . I have some more wedding pictures to show you, which I know you are going to love!!  :)

The radiant, but nervous bride, trying to wait patiently for the big moment to begin!

The bride and groom with Kristi's parents.

The symbols of everlasting love . . . 

Kristi with her bridesmaids . . . 

Husband and Wife!  (This is one of my favorites!)

Praising God for this new family unit that has been formed on the principles of His Word! It is so much fun to see Josh tenderly loving, guiding and protecting Kristi and to see Kristi relying on Josh's leadership and loving protection!  Josh and Kristi are building their home on the Rock, not on the shifting sand of popular opinion and worldly ideas!  And there is nothing that can bring more Joy to a mother's heart!  <3

 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.  ~ 3 John 1:4

1 comment:

Rebecca's Refining said...

I love the pictures!! :)
It is strange to think of Josh married, but I know he has been well trained, and will strive to be a godly leader as he establishes his new family!

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