Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Soggy Saturday

Starting to feel like Mrs. Noah over here . . . after two weeks of rain.  First it was tropical storm Beryl that brought us daily deluges and then we've had another whole week of daily rain and thunderstorms.  Very unusual weather for the Georgia coast this time of year.   

So, in lieu of hot, sunny days enjoying the sand and surf, we've been inside finishing up school for the year and enjoying a Hayley Mills Marathon -- watching Summer Magic, Pollyanna and Parent Trap.  I love these old classics!!  Parent Trap is my absolute favorite!   It has been fun watching these old family flicks!

Right now I am watching "Tin Tin" with Matt, as I promised him I would!  :)  This is making my little boy very happy!  :)   

The rain is falling . . .  and my pizza dough is rising . . .   Homemade Pizza is on the menu for tonight!!  :)  

What is your family doing on this Saturday?  Is it soggy or sunny where you live?


Manic Mom said...

Just stopped by for the first time and I think your family is great!!! Excited to read more. As for our Saturday it is Beautiful out here in CA. Softball & family game night is on our agenda. Enjoy that pizza!!

~Rachel said...

Hello! Just wondering if you've ever seen "That Darn Cat" with Hayley Mills - we love it! BTW, we watched Parent Trap last night. So funny!

busymomof10 said...

Yes, we have seen "That Darn Cat." It is a very cute and funny movie too! However, we don't own that one . . . so it is not as easy to watch.

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