Saturday, July 7, 2012

A BUSY Week of Summer Fun!


That's me taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly after a very busy week!

We've had a house full of fun and feasting all week long!!!

Can't wait to catch you up on all that we've done this week . . . but I'm about to leave to pick up Luke's best friend, Jase, from Albany so he can spend the week with us!  We love that little guy and can't wait to see him!  :)

So, for now -- I'll just post these "teaser" photos!  

So much has happened, it's hard to know where to start!  So you tell me -- which picture are you most curious about?  Which one do you want me to start with as I share about our memorable week?  The one mentioned most wins!  So, leave your comment now!  :)

1 comment:

The Mayo Family said...

they all look great & interesting?
Okay it's so fun to hear "everything" that yall have been up too?
Looks like a trip, sis visiting,fishing, (interesting catches) 4th crafts, 4th cooking, Jam making, birthdays, sweet girl friends or....maore serious?
Okay lots of fun & we are waiting to hear!
Glad your having a blessed summer :)
okay...3 girls making...jam?
For a start....

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