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TGIF: Birthday Fun {Link up}


Welcome to my link up --

Thank God It's {Family Fun} Friday -- TGIF!!

I want to encourage you to create memories, build family traditions, and have fun with your family!  Because children grow up faster than you think possible . . . 

Many families look forward to having a Family Fun Night on Fridays.  Is this something your family does?  Tell us about it!  What are your favorite Friday night activities?  Do you plan special activities on weekends?  What do you do for Fun with your family??  How do you create memories?  Do you have any special family traditions?  How do you celebrate birthdays?  Please share any of the above by leaving a comment or linking up your blog!

Matthew's Birthday, Part 1

Matthew's birthday falls on a busy time of year -- July 3rd.  We always seem to have a lot going on then, and this year was no exception!  My sister and her family arrived from out of town just in time to enjoy his birthday dinner and celebration.  It was actually one of those crazy evenings where plans and menus kept changing!  My husband was planning to grill chicken, but he unexpectedly had to work late, and so did my older sons, so I just decided to change the menu from chicken on the grill to pork chops in the electric skillet!  (Both go with macaroni and cheese which was the most important item on the birthday boy's list!)  Fortunately, I've learned through the years that FLEXIBILITY is the #1 character quality needed by the mother of a large family!  ;)

His cake looks a bit droopy here, but that's only because it was!  ;)  Also, I asked 7-year-old Bethany to count out ten candles and put them on the cake - and she did so -- crowding them all together in one little spot!  LOL!  (This is a great example of how I've matured and let go of unrealistic perfectionism through the years!  There was a time when I would have rearranged all the candles with an equal space between them and tried to smooth out the icing in between!  Obviously, this is not such a time in my life!)

Finally -- the moment every little boy dreams of -- getting to open his presents! 

Matt was thrilled with this surprise gift -- a casting net so he can go fishing with his brothers and catch their bait and other interesting things!!!   He's exaggerating a bit, but yes, it's very heavy!

Matt absolutely loves being the center of attention and his birthday is his favorite day of the year!!!

Random glimpses of family having fun together!  (That's my niece and brother-in-law on the left joining in the craziness!)

Matt's Birthday, Part 2

While many kids equate birthdays with birthday parties with their friends, this is not the standard for birthday celebrations in our family.  Not that I think it's bad -- it can just be expensive  . . . and messy . . . and takes a lot of energy  . . . and has to be squeezed into the already-crazy schedule, and did I mention that it's messy?  ;)  

So, I've generally tried to avoid kid parties as much as possible!  ;)  Nevertheless, I think all (or at least most!) of the children have had one or two parties with friends through the years.  However, our usual tradition is to celebrate with our family and maybe another family or two.  

All that being said, this year, I really wanted to let Matt have a party with his friends. He is blessed to have a bunch of little boys his age at church, and they all have yearly birthday parties and have invited him to their parties.  He wanted one last summer, and it never happened.  So, I promised him one this summer -- but would you believe he got a stomach virus right before his party and I had to postpone it??  Poor little guy!  He really had a great attitude about it, so I made sure to reschedule his party as soon as possible, which ended up being about a week after his birthday!  

His party was a huge success!  Yes, it was messy . . . and loud . . . but he had a blast!  :)

He requested "Dirt cake" and Hannah used her creative abilities to make him this delightful cake with a fisherman, since he is into fishing these days!  :)   

Love this picture of the whole gang of boys kids!  (Yes, little Bethany is right at home with all those rough and tumble boys!)

Doesn't that cake look amazing with the glow of candlelight and all those little worms emerging from the dirt?  (Fabulous job Hannah!)

The boys are obviously admiring his special cake!  (Note to my friends:  don't be surprised if your little boys ask for dirt cake for their next birthday!!)  ;)

Matt thoroughly enjoyed himself!  I don't think I've ever had a kid that enjoys his birthday as much as Matt!!

He was very gracious as he opened his gifts and delighted in each one!

Yes, it was definitely worth the mess and the noise!  Matt had a fabulous time!!!

Happy birthday Matt!!!  ;)

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Rebecca's Refining said...

Matthew did seem to enjoy his birthday! :)
I enjoyed his cake!! LOL
It was a nice evening of celebration.

Phyllis Sather said...

To our little family your parties look like so much fun!

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