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Marriage Monday: The Weekend Getaway! {Link up}

Marriage Mondays"

Welcome back to Marriage Monday!  Today's marriage post is on the importance of spending an occasional weekend away with your spouse. It is so hard to pull away from all the demands on our time and clear off a space on our calendars, but it is definitely worth it to invest in one of the most important relationships in our lives -- our marriages!!

I apologize for today's post being so very late -- I'm just getting back in town from a fabulous weekend away with my hubby!  :)  (I purposely chose to leave my laptop at home, so I wouldn't be distracted by blogging and checking my email!)

We were able to transform a required Orientation for international students and their host families (through the Georgia Rotary Club) into a refreshing retreat in the mountains of North Georgia!!  In addition to attending the required sessions, we enjoyed feasting on the abundance of delicious, down home food at The Dillard House, sightseeing in Rabun County, browsing in the fascinating shops of Clayton and Dillard, and filling our lungs with big breaths of fresh, mountain air!  

Want to see a few pictures from our weekend getaway?

This is Alan and Maria (our international student from El Salvador) looking for a place to eat lunch in the little town of Clayton, GA.  After lunch, we got Maria registered and left her to attend sessions with other international students and to stay with a local host family for the weekend.

This peaceful view is looking out the sliding glass doors of our room at The Dillard House, where we stayed in Dillard, GA.  It was very relaxing . . . and proved to be the perfect setting for a nap or two!  :)

And this, my friends, is the view of all the food that we were served for the overflowing, family-style breakfast at The Dillard House Restaurant!!!

Maria had a full day on Saturday, while we just had sessions in the morning and free time in the afternoon!  We were glad to see Maria at a break time and find out how her weekend was going!  :)

Saturday afternoon, Alan and I drove up to Black Rock Mountain State Park, where we gazed out over the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains at an altitude of 3640 feet.

We also checked out a popular "tourist trap" -- Goats on the Roof!  :)

Then, Saturday night, we attended the final banquet of the weekend, which was held at the The Dillard House Conference Center, and featured the most amazing buffet we've ever seen . . . or TASTED!  The highlight of the evening was the "cabaret" that the international students put on for us.  Each student shared a song, dance, skit, or other unique "talent" or "ability" that represented their country's culture.  Maria did an El Salvadorian dance with a young man from her country.  Here she is in her costume!  (Isn't she adorable??)

Maria and her American "Mom"!  :)

On Sunday morning, when the conference concluded, we found Maria a ride home with another host family who was headed towards the coast, and Alan and I crossed over the Chattooga River into South Carolina. Destination: Greenville!  We spent the day with our daughter, Ashlyn.  First stop -- Coffee Underground!  Then, lunch at Cheddar's, a tour of Ashlyn's house, and then a visit with my Mom and Dad for the rest of the afternoon, before attending a special event together Sunday evening.  I plan to share more about that tomorrow, Lord willing!  :)

It was a wonderful, refreshing weekend away with my Honey!  :)  (And I must add that the kids did a tremendous job of staying on track with their responsibilities while we were gone!  We were so proud of all of them!!)

Your Turn to Share:

Do you and your husband make it a point to get away together from time to time?  Do you think it is important for married couples to get away without the kids every now and then?  What do you do to make that a reality?  When was the last time you snuck away together for a weekend?

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Madison Taylor said...

You went to Goats on a Roof??? no way!! :) Aweeesome!!! :D Loved it there!

Star said...

I think it is great for a married couple to be able to get away like this. It is not something we have been able to do as of yet, but I still think it is a wonderful idea! We just don't have the childcare options available and often have a nursing baby or young toddler who is very attached to mommy so it is has not been do-able. We are going to do a local marriage conference at the end of Sept. and the children will be able to spend the night with my mom for that one night since it's a late Friday early Saturday. My littlest is 1 and just stopped nursing, so I am hoping it will go alright. He has never been away from me that long before!

Gail Purath said...

So glad you had this weekend away with your hubby. The photos are beautiful! Bless you, Gail

busymomof10 said...

Thanks Gail!! :)

Star, for many, many years any weekends away "alone" that we managed usually included a nursing baby. :) Most of our babies were good-natured and it was never a big deal to take them along! That's part of the journey -- just embrace it and make the best of it!

I do admit that it is much easier to get away together now that our kids are older and more self-sufficient and we have built-in babysitters! :) However, it also becomes more challenging when kids are involved in more activities, jobs, etc. So, there is always some sort of trade off!

busymomof10 said...

I definitely thought of you and your Mom when we were at Goats on a Roof! And Mr. Alan came up with a new "hair" joke that he can't wait to share with your Dad! :)

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

We don't have kids yet, but we still find, that going somewhere, just the two of us, helps bring us closer. :)

Love Is A Verb - an action said...

I love it, Gail! I went to "Goats on the roof" on Vancouver Island BC...that's neat that there's one down here. I'll have to go! You look like you had a wonderful time...soo glad you got to get away.

What Joy Is Mine said... post today is about getting away with your spouse and why its important to make that time. I loved reading about your get away. Thank you for the link up friend. Blessings.

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