Friday, August 31, 2012

TGIF: Building Memories when Life Isn't Fun {Link up}


Welcome to my link up -- Thank God It's {Family Fun} Friday!!

I want to encourage you to create memories, build family traditions, and have fun with your family!  Because children grow up faster than you think possible . . . 

Many families look forward to having a Family Fun Night on Fridays.  Is this something your family does?  Tell us about it!  What are your favorite Friday night activities?  How does your family have fun and create memories together?  Please share!

Remembering . . . 

Not all family times are fun times.  Some are sad and even painful; yet these times can also build memories and bond a family together.  Today, we are remembering Alan's Mom -- "Mum Mum" as we all called her.  Today would have been her 86th birthday.

Mum Mum died rather unexpectedly on May 28th, 2010.  You can read about it here.  I hope you will read my thoughts about her passing here.

After her death, we traveled to West Virginia for her burial and graveside service.  We stayed at Blackwater Falls, which prompted Alan and his sister, Janet, to relive many childhood memories, as they often vacationed there while growing up.  Even though it was a sad occasion, the time we spent together at Blackwater Falls and in Parsons, WV, was also a fun, bonding time for both of our families.  We shared memories of days gone by, made new memories, and sprinkled healing doses of laughter on our tears.

It is important for families to join together in both rejoicing and grieving, to come along side one another and lift each other up, to comfort and encourage, to weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice.  As we navigate the ups and downs of life together as a family, trusting in God's goodness even in the trying times, our hearts are knit together, relationships are solidified, and memories are made.  

If your family is going through dark days right now, don't think you have to wait until times are happy to create memories.  You are creating memories right now.  Your attitude can help to make even very difficult times bearable and even pleasant in retrospect.  Ever heard someone speak longingly of the "good ole days" growing up during the depression?  Certainly, their recollections of the past are seen through the "rose-colored glasses" of the passing of time; nevertheless, our attitude does much to make challenging times seem cheery. And remember, children don't wait for better times to grow up . . . so grab your children, give them a hug, and go make a memory! 

Your Turn to Share:

How have you built special memories and family traditions even during the difficult times of life?  Please share!

Please share your ideas in the comments section or link up your blog!  You can share any past or present blog post that shares ways to create memories, build family traditions, or have fun as a family!  Just be sure to link back to my blog or add my blog button to your post!   


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