Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lilla Rose Update for September

This beautiful hair clip is the Festive Fallen Leaf flexi-clip from Lilla Rose.  Doesn't it make you yearn for fall??  I have a beautiful fall skirt and top from Cracker Barrel that will be perfect with this flexi-clip, and I can't wait to wear them both!  :)

Fall is my favorite seasonYou can read more about my love of autumn and the Festive Fallen Leaf flexi-clip in my September Lilla Rose Newsletter!  (I'd love for you to subscribe to my Lilla Rose newsletter, so you can receive news of the latest specials right in your inbox.)

I am really enjoying wearing and selling the Lilla Rose flexi-clip!  These clips are so comfortable and attractive and work for all hair types, from fine, slippery hair like mine:

to long, coarse, thick hair like my daughter, Hannah's:

If you haven't tried the amazing flexi-clip yet, I'd love to introduce you to this amazing hair clip!  It will literally transform the way you do your hair! 

Read this testimonial from a delighted customer:

My hair clip came yesterday! It is amazing! Now I have to learn where to put it in my hair, but it doesn't move. I wrap my hair in a twist, and yesterday it just stayed where I put it. That never happens with my hair, and that's why I stopped buying pretty things to wear in my hair. Thank you!

You might also like the flexi-of-the-month for September:

This unique flexi-clip features turquoise and silver beads and dangling feathers, for a Native-American feel.  

I will be giving away one of the two clips featured here later in the month to celebrate my birthday and blogoversary!  So be sure and check back for a chance to win!!  :)

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