Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sometimes on Labor Day; Sometimes Not . .

Yesterday was Luke's Birthday!  

Fourteen years ago, I spent Labor Day appropriately . . . . laboring!  ;)

It's fun when Luke's birthday falls on Labor Day, as it did in 2009!!

Luke holds a very special place in our family because he is the only one of ten who:

  • was born in Georgia
  • is a "south paw"
  • has bright green eyes

He adds a lot to our family, especially when it comes to mischievousness!  ;)  Yes, he is our biggest trickster!!

Case in point:  he apparently entered a calendar reminder for his birthday in Amber's phone when she was living here (remember Amber??) and set it to go off at 2:30 in the morning on his birthday!  ;)  Yes, Amber called yesterday to wish him a happy birthday . . . and "thank" him for the reminder!  LOL!

Happy Birthday Lukester!  ;)

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