Friday, September 14, 2012

TGIF: Family Vacations {Link up}


Welcome to my link up -- Thank God It's {Family Fun} Friday !!

I want to encourage you to create memories, build family traditions, and have fun with your family!  Because children grow up faster than you think possible . . . 

Many families look forward to having a Family Fun Night on Fridays.  Is this something your family does?  Tell us about it!  What are your favorite Friday night activities?  How does your family have fun and create memories together?  Please share!

Family Vacations

Family vacations can be a great way of creating fun family memories!  However, I will admit that they are not without their challenges!!  (Specifically, they can be expensive, a lot of work, and exhausting, especially when you have a large family and a lot of young children!)  But, they do tend to bond a family together with shared memories and special times spent together.  

Please don't feel badly if you're not able to take a family vacation -- you can always enjoy the currently popular "staycation," where you stay home and enjoy the attractions in your own hometown, or you can embark on a day trip to a nearby location, such as we did when we went to St. Augustine several months ago.

In recent years, we've enjoyed a time-share week at Hilton Head Island, SC every September.  (At least the younger children and I have.  My husband and older kids can't get away for a whole week this time of year, but they try to come for a long weekend when they can.)  

We love Hilton Head, and find it beautiful in September!!  We first started going here close to 25 years ago when my husband had conferences here.  At that time, I would tag along with the babies and get to enjoy a bit of a "vacation."  (I do remember really having my hands full with 3 little ones at the beach and brought my Mom along a couple times to help!)

Today, I thought I'd share some of the best pictures that we've taken during the week.  Alan and some of the older kids were here for the weekend, and Kristi joined us for her day off, but mostly it has just been me, "the Fantastic Five" and Maddie and Dianna.

Your Turn to Share:

How does your family have fun and build memories?  Do you take family vacations or special day trips?  Have they helped you create memories and family traditions?  Do you have any special memories from vacations taken when you were a child?  Please share!

I'd love to have you link up your blog!  You can share any past or present blog post that shares ways to create memories, build family traditions, or have fun as a family!  Just be sure to link back to my blog or add my blog button to your post!   



Phyllis Sather said...

Sounds like you had a fun vacation and so did we. I'm always glad to get home though.

busymomof10 said...

I agree Phyllis! There's just no place like HOME! :)

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