Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend with my Mom and Sister

If you're wondering what happened to me, I left early Friday morning for South Carolina, where I'm spending the weekend with my Mom and Dad.  My sister is also here with some of her daughters, and we are having a wonderful weekend together!  When I get back home, I'll tell you about my busy birthday and announce the winners of all my giveaways!  Hope you are having a blessed weekend!


sandrag said...

Happy Birthday!

sandrag said...

Happy Birthday!

Rebecca's Refining said...

I am so glad you were able to come for a short visit! It was so good to see you!! I enjoyed every moment we were able to spend together and with mom and dad! :)

busymomof10 said...

Thanks Rebecca! Yes, it was great to see you and your beautiful girls and to spend time with Mom and Dad! :) I wish we weren't all so far away from each other!

The Mayo Family said...

Awe! How sweet!
Happy Birthday to you Elizabeth & what a blessing that your parents are both with you & your sis that really made for a blessed birthday!
May God bless you with many many more and may your year ahead be one full of memories and blessings!
I know that I am so enjoying the series & stand in awe of the sharing from your dear Momma!
What a testimony it has so encouraged and blessed me!
I am too late for the give aways...
I was going to put in for your Momma's doilie, how ever the sharing from her heart is blessing enough & give her a axtra hug next time your there! My Mom is gone already & we never stop missing our Mom's!
Your a blessing to many & thanks for sharing!
(yes, still reading not always able to finally got a new computer!) A blessings!

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