Monday, October 22, 2012

Marriage Monday: Winning Your Husband to the Lord {Link up}

Marriage Mondays

Welcome back to Marriage Monday! I apologize for not posting last week -- I was preoccupied with helping to care for my precious Mom during her "final days" on earth.  How ironic that I'm in the middle of a series she wrote for me on Living with an Unsaved Mate.  She lived with an unsaved man (my dear father) for nearly twenty years, before God brought him to salvation!  It has been a joy to be with my Dad the last eleven days and see how much God has changed him!  He has become so generous and so very tender with my Mom -- qualities that he did not demonstrate before the Lord started working in his heart!!  

If you are just joining in, you might want to go back and read the Introduction, her advice on Accepting your Man, her counsel on Living in a House Divided, and her thoughts on Walking Alone, before reading today's post on how to win your husband to the Lord.

May 11, 2012


Perhaps the best place to start is what NOT to do to win your husband to the Lord. I should know! I did quite a few of the Don’t Do's, such as:
  • Putting tracts in convenient places where he couldn’t help but see them 
  • Sharing a story with him about someone else’s husband who finally came to the Lord (hint, hint!!)
  • Nagging    
  • Pleading

Finally, God got my attention when one day during my prayer time He spoke to my heart, saying:

“Get out of My way and I will save him!”

What a shock to realize that with all my striving to win my husband to the Lord, I was just standing in God’s way!! 

That revelation plunged a hole deep into my balloon of self-effort, deflating it as all the air of my self-reliance leaked out. 

God clearly showed me that I could not save my husband no matter how hard or how long I tried! Salvation belongs to the Lord, not to me or to anyone else!  Once I understood that truth, I fell on my face, desperate, destitute of hope apart from God’s mercy and grace.  Realizing my utter dependence on God, I surrendered my husband completely to Him. I told God that I didn’t care what it took -- my life, the life of one of our children, my husband's job (his "god"), whatever . . . . He could take it all if He would just save my husband!

The cry of my heart became-- 

”I am willing, Lord, for you to do whatever it takes to give me a heart that is wholly yours. I am willing for you to do whatever it takes to bring my husband to Yourself. All I ask, Lord, is that you give me the grace for whatever the trial. 'Whatever it takes, whatever it takes' became the continual and constant cry of my heart!!!!"

Wow! I have to ask myself if I am willing to pray that same prayer -- Lord do whatever it takes to make me more like You; do whatever it takes to save those I love who have rejected You. That is not an easy prayer!  Only God can give us the grace to really make that the cry of our own hearts!!!

My precious Mom has suffered much in this life, but has learned to remain joyful and focused on others through it all. Her faith is real and it has been tested many times over. She has lived a life poured out to the Lord, and comes to the end of her life with No Regrets. 

Last week, with my father, my sister and me gathered around her bed, my Mom helped us plan her funeral. She also told us the songs she wanted sung and why each one was significant to her spiritual journey.  One of those songs was "Whatever it Takes."  I did a Google search and found the following recording of that song.  Please select play and listen carefully to the words of this song, which have been the cry of my mother's heart for many, many years of her life:

Song: Whatever It Takes Stephanie Holden from truthimpacts on GodTube.

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Do you live with an unsaved man?  Or do you have a testimony of your husband coming to the Lord after much prayer and patiently living out Christ before him?  If you have a testimony that will encourage other women in a similar situation, please share!

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Gail @ said...

Bless you as you help your mom during her final days. I also had a godly mom and miss her so much now that she is with the Lord. I pray God will continue to give you strength and grace. Gail

Mary said...

Wow! What a powerful song! I appreciate you sharing it. I am thankful that my husband and I both were saved before we were married. I can't imagine having to live for the Lord by myself. Thanks again for your insightful posts.

Melissa Baker said...

We've been writing about this lately too! Thanks for the great post! said...

Elizabeth, I have been meaning to tell you that I have really appreciated this series. Though I am blessed with a believing husband, I counsel with several ladies who are living with unsaved mates and feeling so lost at times.

I hope your mother is experiencing as much peace and comfort as possible in these last days! I am touched by the picture in my mind of your family planning her funeral with her. What a blessing to share those final moments together.

I'm praying your goodbyes are sweet and the Lord will be praised as you celebrate her life!


Alecia said...

I think this is a great series and will bless all that come here and read. God Bless!! And I'm so sorry about your mom.

Noel said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mom. She is a precious Godly lady :). I'm so glad you were able to share her testimony with me. Praying for you and the family said...

Newest follower here! I found you through the Weekend link up! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!

What Joy Is Mine said...

Elizabeth...your mom shared a wonderful post here. Her testimony is moving. This week I am featuring her post at WJIM. Thank you for sharing it and I'm thankful I can share it with others. I am also praying for your family during this time friend.

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