Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Traditions

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Today is a Big Day for Americans -- it is Election Day!  

The attention of the nation is focused on finding out who will lead our nation for the next four years.  Most of us approach this day with a combination of expectation, fear, excitement, dread and relief.  This day will truly determine the course of our country, as new coordinates are set for our journey into the future.

Will your family be glued to the TV tonight, staying up late to watch the election results?  If you are a home educating family, do you consider watching the election returns to be part of your children's education??

Back in 2000, I started some election traditions for our family.  I printed out a map of the US, so the children (and adults who wanted to) could color in each state Red or Blue as the number of electoral votes were decided. I have continued to do that for each presidential election, and have already printed out my maps for tonight.  I used to print them using the Enchanted Learning website, but that site now requires you to be a member to print out their electoral maps.  So, this year I printed out our electoral coloring maps here.  I encourage you to print these for your family too and color them along with us!

Another tradition I started back in 2000 was preparing Election Stew to eat for supper on the night of the election.  I've decided that some version of Election Stew is perfect for Election Day, as we all "stew over" who the next president will be!  :)  That particular year, the "stewing" lasted for not just a day or two, but for weeks!!  :(

This year, my children are begging for a different meal, so we'll see!  Do you have a special Election Night Supper?

I'm also planning to make a special Election Night Snack Mix for tonight!  I know the kids will love it!  :)  How about you?  Do you have special foods that you serve while watching the election returns??   


Heather said...

What a great post!!! Thanks for these great ideas!

busymomof10 said...

Here is another printable map suggested by a reader:


~Rachel said...

It's funny you posted about Election traditions - we actually have some ourselves! Somehow we came up with an election meal. I think we just planned it one year because it sounded good, and then the next time around we thought "Why don't we do that again?" And then it just stuck! Our meal is Pigs in a Blanket, a veggie & dip tray and chips. We also like to go down to our basement & start a fire. We bring a TV down & hook it up to watch the returns. Makes it fun on a sometimes disheartening night. ;)

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