Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is almost here, and I haven't done the first thing to decorate my house and make it special. Can you believe it??  You know that I enjoy decorating for Valentine's Day by putting out hearts and candles and red seasonal decor and pouring those adorable red, pink and white M&M's into cute little heart-shaped bowls!  Wow! I've really fallen down on the job this year!

Fortunately, there is still time to splash some red and white and pink around the house and dig out my heart-shaped bowls! :) 

The problem is my mind has been on other things, and I'm just not feeling very inspired this year. Therefore, I was so grateful to discover this post from February 2011. Because I took pictures of my Valentine decor and posted it here, it will be easy for me to pull out those items and recreate that look without any creative thought needed!!! That's what I call stress-free decorating! 

If you dropped by looking for some inspiration for your own Valentine decorating, I'll have to send you to some posts of Valentine's past! 

To see how I created a simple and sweet table decor, check out the post I just mentioned from February 2011 or this post from February 2012, which has some more very simple, but creative ideas for decorating and celebrating Valentine's Day with your family! In fact, I've just inspired myself by rereading these old posts!!  ;)

I also enjoyed going back and rereading this post from February 2010, which shared our special meals and activities from that Valentine's Day. Then, my heart was touched as I read this sweet post from February 2009, which describes the special Valentine's celebration that Hannah helped me create for the family that year. Reading this brought tears to my eyes, as the children were all so little and Mum Mum (Alan's Mom) was still with us then. Thinking about how time flies and people we love aren't always with us makes me so glad that I took the time to prepare a special meal for my family to make them feel loved! I'm also glad I took the time to blog about it, as it is special to be able to relive those memories and moments! As a bonus, that post also contains a delicious recipe for Decadent Truffles! :)

Now that I'm all inspired, I'm off to make these adorable little Valentine treats for our homeschool co-op party tomorrow. Aren't they cute??

Tomorrow night we are looking forward to our "first annual" Couples Night Out with our homeschool co-op moms and dads!  So, this year, our family Valentine's Dinner will occur on Friday night, and will include a special meal, seasonal decor, some fun guests, and of course -- chocolate!!  :)

I'd love to hear how you make Valentine's Day special at your house!

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Julianne said...

I love those special chocolate/pretzel treats! We used to have them all the time growing up and would call them "bellybuttons" :)

Julianne said...
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Elizabeth said...

Hi Julianne! I love that name - belly buttons!! So cute! :)

Rachel E. said...

Oh, I am behind as well. I guess with my hubby away in Africa, it just flew right past me. I know last year, we had a bit of a party in our homeschool. I should throw something last minute. I know the kids would love it.

Though, I must say, moms are allowed to get busy and forget once in a while.

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