Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What's Cooking? Sausage, Potatoes and Beans

Need an easy crock pot meal?  Give this one a try!

Take a 3 pound bag of red potatoes; wash and quarter, or cut in eighths for larger potatoes.  Place in bottom of a large crock pot.  Sprinkle generously with seasoned salt.

Coarsely chop one large, sweet onion and add to slow cooker on top of potatoes.

Then add as many frozen green beans as you have room for.  Sprinkle with pepper and maybe some garlic powder or whatever you want.

Then top with 2-3 pounds sliced turkey sausage (the kind that comes in a horseshoe shape!).

Pour 1 quart homemade chicken broth/stock over all.  Put on lid, squishing down contents as needed!  Turn slow cooker to High and cook for about 5 hours.  (That was the perfect amount of time for me, but cooking time varies according to each slow cooker.)

This is what the meal looked like when we got home from church. It was a simple but satisfying home cooked meal, easily rounded out with some bread and butter and a tossed salad. Give it a try the next time you need an easy-to-throw-together meal for your family!

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Baby Blessings said...

I love crock pot meals especially when I have a new baby! Thanks for sharing. I plan on trying this one!

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