Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Weekend in "Carolina"

Before I start telling you about my weekend away, I feel I must start with a  geography lesson!  As a South Carolinian who has lived in southern Georgia for a few years now, I'm always amazed to hear folks from this region say that I'm from "Carolina."  As if "Carolina" is all one state! Any student of US geography knows that there are actually two distinct states -- North Carolina and South Carolina. Georgia is just below and to the left of South Carolina, so certainly not far enough away to give Georgians an excuse for their lack of understanding when it comes to the Carolinas. I assume that those who live in northern Georgia are more aware of their neigbors to the north and east, but for those living in south Georgia -- I just wanted you to see that there are two Carolinas -- North and South -- and to confuse matters, I was actually in both of them this past weekend!  ;)   

My husband had to be in Asheville, North Carolina for a meeting on Friday, and he invited me to go along with him, so I did! 

It is a blessing to be at the season of life where my children are older, more capable of doing for themselves, and I have young adults in the home who can be in charge, allowing me to take advantage of such opportunities from time to time. In years gone by, I sometimes accompanied him on business trips with the youngest (still nursing) baby in tow! That was always fun, too! When you have a house full, sneaking away with only the baby still feels like getting away without the children!  ;)

Driving through the mountains of North Carolina was such a nice change of scenery from our normal view of marshes, wetlands, estuaries, and palm trees here in southeast Georgia!  Aren't you glad that our God created variety for us to enjoy??

Alan's meeting was in the beautiful and famous Grove Park Inn!!  It would have been amazing to stay there, but that was not in the budget or the itinerary!  :)

However, I did get to warm myself by the fire while my hubby was in his meeting.

I had my Kindle Fire with me (that Alan won at a conference last fall and generously gave to me!), so while I waited on him, I sat by the cozy fire and read this e-book that had been on my want-to-read list!  :)  Between reading, people-watching and just enjoying the fire, the time sped by, and I wasn't ready to leave when he was done!  :)

After he was done with his meeting, Alan treated me to a delicious lunch there at the Inn, overlooking the golf-course. 

After lunch, we headed over to Greenville, South Carolina to spend the weekend with my parents.  You aren't going to believe how well my Mom was doing when we got there!!  Look at her -- up and dressed, make-up on, looking as beautiful and radiant as ever!!!  (And yes, still crocheting afghans!)

On Saturday, I helped my Mom sort through a pile of old pictures. There were some of her and her brothers and sister growing up, a few of her Mother and Father when they were young, and some of her grandparents. The oldest pictures dated back to around 1918 to 1920!!  While thin and worn, they were still intact, which is really rather amazing! She told me who was in each photograph and sometimes related a story about the person or the event. I recorded as much history as I could on the back of each photo. It was a precious time together!

Unfortunately, my Mom was not doing nearly as well when we left as when we arrived.  She pushed herself too much while we were there and was weary and in pain when we left.  :(  Nevertheless, it was a blessing to see her doing so well on Friday and Saturday!  

I don't think I talk as much about my Dad, but it was a blessing to see him too!  He likes to get up early and so do I, so we talk and drink coffee and sometimes work puzzles in the early mornings.  Those are special times to treasure!  While we were there, he told us about his recent golf dates and how he had shot his first ever hole-in-one!!  Yay Dad!  :)


Gracenotes from Graceville said...

God is so good to give you those special times with your parents (and your husband)! Thank you for sharing this slice of your life!
BTW, I love that your mom is a crochet-er! What a wonderful picture of her in action too!

Cheryl said...

What a precious time for you! Isn't it great to reap the rewards of all those baby-raising years with responsible young adults who can take over while we're away?! Glad you had this opportunity.

busymomof10 said...

Yes, it was a blessing in many ways! A blessing to spend time with my husband, a blessing to get to see my Mom and Dad and learn some family history, and a blessing to reap what I have sown through the years! :)

sandrag said...

Thank you! I really enjoyed this post!

busymomof10 said...

Thank you Sandrag! :)

You are such an encouragement to me! ;)


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