Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Celebrating Easter at Our New House!

I trust you had a glorious Easter/Resurrection Day!  We sure did!  After an amazing worship service at our church, we headed to our new house for a fabulous Easter Dinner! What a blessing to enjoy our first meal together in our beautiful new house on the same day that we were celebrating our new life in Christ, which was made possible through Jesus' death and resurrection!!  (John 14:6 - " . . I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me.")

Here is the family all gathered together on the front steps for our first family picture at our new house!

Want to know who's who??

Top row:  Alan, Taylor (22), Tyler (20 - our "adopted" son, living with us while he attends college here), Luke (14)
Middle row:  Me, Josh (21), Joe (19), Chris (17)
Front row:  Tiffany (27), Bethany (8), Matt (10), Kristi (Josh's wife), Hannah (16)
Missing: Ashlyn (25)  :(

Here is another picture, with Tyler behind the camera and Hannah's friend, Kendra (who is visiting this week from Kentucky), in the line up.  

And of course, you know how our family likes the "crazy pose!"

Photo sessions always increase the appetite, so it wasn't long until everyone was gathering for the prayer and filling their plates with yummy food! 

 In case you're wondering how I managed to pull this off when we are only half moved, I bought the Spiral Ham and Potato Salad, then we made Deviled Eggs at our old house, and I prepped the carrots, asparagus and mushrooms at our old house and brought them over in ziplock bags to cook!  The planning and prep paid off, as our Easter Dinner was definitely a success!  :)

Check back tomorrow where I share about another big event in our family!  


Katie said...

Beautiful new home! Congratulations!

Chris said...

Beautiful pics...
Congrats and Happy Easter!!
You have a lovely and fun family!

Jackie in TN said...

What a precious family, thanks for sharing your joy with us!

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