Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Exploring Cumberland Island

I've been looking forward to sharing about our fantastic field trip last Friday with our homeschool group to Cumberland Island, GA.  It was such an amazing place, full of fascinating history and unspoiled beauty, and God blessed us with a picture-perfect day to enjoy this national treasure!

Our adventure started when we boarded the ferry!  It was a relaxing 45 minute ride out to Cumberland Island, which proved to be lots of fun for the children and provided many photo-ops for our photography-loving teen girls!

When we reached the island, we disembarked, full of anticipation for the day ahead! 

One of our many blessings of the day was having Ranger Renee to lead our tour.  With 32 years of experience under her belt, she was very knowledgeable and a gifted storyteller, and her animated accounts drew us into the colorful history of the island.

One of the highlights of the day was watching the wild horses!  The stallions put on quite a show for us, as they fought throughout the day for the affections of a particular mare!  ;)

Although not as exciting as horses, I was really fascinated by this tree -- a palm tree with a live oak tree engrafted!  Very interesting combination!

The ruins of Dungeness, the 19th century mansion of Thomas and Lucy Carnegie. The history of the island is intertwined with the history of this wealthy family.

Our Co-op kids in front of the ruins!

After completing our ranger-led tour, we ate a picnic lunch and then walked through the sand dunes to the beach. 

Adults and kids alike enjoyed shedding our socks and shoes and feeling the warm sand on our feet, as we scoured the beach for interesting shells and shark's teeth.  

After walking a mile up the beach, we turned westward and made our way through the "enchanted" live oak forest!

I loved this dense forest with its tangled web of live oak branches.

After a watching a short film about the history of Cumberland Island, we boarded the ferry, exhausted (after walking 5 miles that day!) sunburned, and more than ready to go home, but eager to come back and spend another day exploring Cumberland Island!

A big thank you to my daughter, Hannah, for taking this picture of the Avenue for me, as well as many of the other pictures above, including all those amazing horse pictures! 


Susan said...

Lived in Georgia all my life and have never visited here. Now I want to go. Thanks for sharing.

Kim Huff said...

I have a place just like that 10 minutes from my house. It's our favorite place to go :)

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