Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hannah's Sweet Sixteen!

Just like babies, birthdays don't wait for convenient times to arrive. 

Interestingly, the moving company arrived and started packing up our house in Albany on my birthday 2 1/2 years ago. Then, we moved into our current house a few days later on Chris's birthday!  So, I really shouldn't be surprised that we were in the middle of moving boxes and van loads of smaller items to our new house when Hannah's birthday arrived!  :)

How do you make someone feel special on her birthday when your life is topsy turvy?  It's not easy!  I just tried to focus on the little things and spread the celebration out over a few days!

The morning of her birthday, Tiffany woke Hannah up early and took her out for a latte at Starbucks. While they were gone, I went on a mission to buy Hannah some Sweet Sixteen doughnuts.  Apparently, that brand is no longer available.  :( So, I bought Krispy Kreme and improvised (with the help of a Sharpie)!  ;)

Then, I put the birthday girl to work helping us move and spray painting our white wicker rockers brown to match our new front porch. ;)  However there was more fun in store!

The next morning Hannah and I left the guys to load up the U-Haul with furniture, and we headed to Tifton to pick up this:

This is Hannah's friend, Kendra! This is their first time to meet face-to-face after being blogging buddies and email friends for the past 2 years! Kendra lives in Kentucky and was able to ride down with her grandparents, who were headed to Florida.  All we had to do was meet them at I-75 in Tifton and take Kendra home with us to spend a week with Hannah!  What better birthday present could there be??

Despite warnings from friends that Kendra was "not a real person" ;) and despite their own fears that they might feel awkward around each other at first or not even like each other IRL, they connected immediately and it was like they had been friends forever!  :)

It is unfortunate that this event, which was planned a long way out, happened right when we were in the thick of moving, but Kendra is being a good sport and helping Hannah pack up and move the contents of her room! Working on a project together is a great way to really get to know someone!  :)

Saturday night, after a long day of work for the fellas and a very long day in the van for Kendra, we enjoyed Hannah's requested birthday meal -- Domino's Pizza!  

Sunday was Easter and the day that we officially celebrated Hannah's Sweet Sixteen with the family.  The local bakery came through with a beautiful and delicious cake!  Hannah had no problem blowing out 16 imaginary candles after being sung Happy Birthday in both English, Arabic (by Kendra), and Chinese!  :)

After a beautiful afternoon at the beach, Hannah came home and opened her presents.  Her gift from Alan and me was a ruby ring. This was a tradition we started with Tiffany and Ashlyn -- giving them a ruby ring to remind them to aspire to become beautiful Proverbs 31 women!

Who can find a virtuous woman; for her worth is far above rubies. ~ Proverbs 31:10

Happy Birthday Hannah!  :)


Chris said...

Happy birthday to your lovely girl!
She's so helpful and sweet! Thanks for sharing...:)

Jennifer said...

Such a special way to celebrate your daughter's birthday! I love the ruby ring tradition and I'm so glad that she was able to connect with her online friend! My daughter has an online friend and I think it's been really special for her to see that yes, they are real people!

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