Thursday, April 4, 2013

Moving is Exhausting!

I love this picture of Luke laying on the floor of our new Bonus Room -- because it illustrates exactly how I'm feeling about now!  :)  No matter how you go about it, moving is Exhausting!

We must have every little thing packed up and out of the way by 9:00 am Saturday morning, so my fellas (thank you God for big, strong sons!) and their friends can move all of the big, heavy furniture into the new house.  

Simultaneously, we must have all the boxes cleared out of the way at the new house so that floor space is available to accomodate the furniture that goes there.  

Right now that seems to be an impossible undertaking -- to have both houses completely ready!! (Especially knowing that we have homeschool co-op today!)  I think I'm in "transition" -- I've hit the "i can't do this anymore stage!"  And yet, there's no turning back!

Prayers needed for strength for the final push!!  

Also, would you please pray for clear weather and safety and protection for both those who are moving heavy pieces of furniture and the items being moved on Saturday??  I'm a little worried about these beautiful (but slippery?) stone steps!!  Thank you!  :)

1 comment:

sandrag said...

Prayers, Good Luck and Happy Moving Day!!!!! I am thrilled for you!

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