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From My Front Porch - May 17, 2013

from my front porch

Welcome back to my new blog series, From my Front Porch, where I share weekly updates from my home and family. My hope is that you'll fix yourself a cup of coffee or tea, or perhaps even a glass of lemonade, and imagine us sitting together on my front porch, chatting about life and catching up on the latest news!  I hope you'll join me each Friday on My Front Porch!  

Around the House

I am continuing to make progress around the house. With my hubby and three of my sons on a trip this past week, I redeemed the time by conquering the boxes and piles in my bedroom and closet!  I'm not totally done in there . . . but it actually looks like a bedroom now, instead of a war zone, and the closet looks pretty neat and organized, which was a fantastic surprise for my husband!  :)

I still have a Huge Mess to tackle in the Bonus Room - but let's just dwell on my victories for right now!  ;)

Last week, I took you in the front door and showed you my foyer and my family photo wall going up the stairs.  Today I want you to look to the right when you walk in the front door and you will see the "music room."


This narrow room is a little too small to really be called a living room.  A parlour perhaps??  It served the former owners well as a home office, and is serving us well as a music room.  My oldest daughter, Tiffany, is a serious pianist who practices several hours a day as she prepares for her grad school auditions.  The best thing about this room is that it is somewhat separated from the rest of the house and has a door!!  ;)

It also contains a sleeper sofa, so we could tuck in a guest or two in this cozy little room (as long as they don't mind waking up to four-octave scales and finger-strengthening exercises at 5 am)!  ;)

Family News

Did you get the exciting news I shared last week?!?  If you missed that announcement, maybe this picture of Kristi will give you a subtle hint!  ;)

What a perfect Christmas present for us all to enjoy this year!  :)  I'm looking forward to being a Grandmother!  I hear it is so much fun!  The kids are all excited about becoming aunts and uncles, too!  Everyone is happy about the news, except for Bethany!!  She has told me more than once, "Mommy, I don't want you to be a Grandma, because Grandmas are old! I don't want my Mommy to be old!"  I'm guessing that in her mind, I will look something like this as soon as I become a grandma . . .

Ha ha!  ;)

Thankfully, I'm not that old yet!  :)  Actually, the new "Grandpa" did get a year older this week!  ;)  His birthday was Saturday, which he celebrated with three of the boys in an Amish restaurant in Pennsylvania!  :)  

Here at home, Saturday was a beautiful day! First thing that morning I opened the door to the front porch and found this magnificent miniature rose:

Isn't it beautiful??  At first, it was a mystery!!  I really had no idea who it was from!  Then, Tiffany discovered a message that I had missed -- it was from Tyler!!  The note was so sweet and it really touched my heart that Tyler got me a gift for Mother's Day!  What an incredibly thoughtful thing to do!!!  :)  It has definitely been a blessing having him live with us the past year! This picture is from his birthday celebration back in April.

The pressure was on for my kids!  :)  They couldn't be outdone by Tyler!  ;)  Don't worry - they surprised me with a pretty shirt, some cute earrings, and these lovely plants for my front porch sanctuary.

Saturday afternoon, Hannah and Bethany and I attended a lovely Ladies Luncheon at our church. 

I even won one of the door prizes -- this beautiful planter! 

Sunday was Mother's Day, and the kids that were in town treated me to a nice lunch at Outback Steakhouse after church.  We had a fabulous time of fellowship and feasting!  After dinner, we gathered at the beach and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. It was really a fabulous day!!!  Here is a picture of me with my oldest daughter and my youngest daughter, which was taken while we waited outside for a table.  I love this picture!

Sunday was also Josh and Kristi's very first wedding anniversary!  So exciting to see them reach this first milestone!  

That wasn't the only milestone celebrated this week, however! Alan and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary on Tuesday!  It's a little tricky being the "new 30" and also celebrating our 30th anniversary, but we managed to pull it off!  ;)  I spent the day cleaning house, making a blueberry pound cake, and just putzing around in the house trying to make it look inviting for my hubby's return from a week-long trip to Pennsylvania.

That evening, he took me out for a very nice dinner at Bonefish Grill, and then we walked along the shore and sat on a bench where we could chat to the backdrop of crashing ocean waves.  Then we finished off the evening with a cup of coffee at our favorite coffee shop.  We had a fabulous evening together, and I think it was even more special since I was so glad to see him after a week of being apart!  :)

So, that was my week!  A busy week full of blessings!  How was your week??

Please join me again next Friday on my front porch!!

Also, while you're still enjoying your coffee/tea break, please drop by my dear friend, Lori's blog.  She blogs from the front porch of her cozy little log cabin nestled in the woods of the South Carolina mountains.  You will enjoy her warm and witty writing style!  Tell her that Elizabeth sent you!  :)

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Happy Busy Mama said...

Okie Dokie. I posted and linked up with you, (well at least linked to you, lol) Love everything about your beautiful porch, except the fact that I am not sitting on it right now!!! I can't wait to see it in person. Coffee and catching up, that's what I'm talking about. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Lori! How fun it will be to link up our blogs (and our lives) from week to week!! Thanks for joining me ! I will add a link to your blog in the body of my post as soon as I can get to my computer! For now I will post your blog link here so my lovey readers can enjoy a visit on your cool mountain porch after they sit for a spell on mine!! ;)

Rachel E. said...

What a wonderful visit. Thanks for sharing. You have such a wonderful family.

I like the music room, too. Small, but very pretty.

Gail @ said...

I love seeing your home and what you've done with it, and love that porch. And congrats on your daughter's pregnancy. I'm so glad we grandmas don't have to look like granny hillbily! : )

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