Friday, May 10, 2013

From My Front Porch

from my front porch

After mentioning the idea several weeks ago and receiving some encouragement to "go for it," I've decided to add a new weekly series to my blog called, "From my Front Porch."  I will use this series to share updates from my home and family each week.  I hope you'll like it!  My hope is that you'll fix yourself a cup of coffee or tea, or perhaps even a glass of lemonade, and imagine us sitting together on my front porch, chatting about life and catching up!  I hope you'll join me each Friday on My Front Porch!  

Around the House

I am continuing to unpack boxes, hang pictures, and get organized and settled into our new house. It is definitely a process!  Some areas are looking pretty good . . . and some still need lots of work!  The two biggest messes are in my bedroom and closet, where everything I don't know what to do with ends up, and in the bonus room, where books, papers, puzzles, science supplies, and other school stuff from more than two decades of homeschooling need to be sorted through, gotten rid of, and/or organized and put away.  It's a Big Job and one that I may not get to until our schedule slows down a bit this summer!

I've been promising pictures!  Should I just start at the front door and start giving you a tour, room by room??  Do you want to see the whole house or just the highlights??  Let me know, OK?  :)

You've already seen one of my favorite places -- my front porch!  I love my front porch and look forward to adding some plants and making it really cozy and inviting!  When you walk in the front door you come face to face with the stairs.

I've been working on my family photo wall -- something I've always wanted to have!  It will always be a work in progress, I imagine, as I add pictures all through the years!  I like creating uniformity by only using black frames, and creating variety by using different sizes, shapes and styles of frames.  So, I have been looking for inexpensive black frames wherever I go, and have picked up frames at Target, Ross, T.J. Maxx, Dollar General, and Family Dollar to create the look you see below.  I really love my picture wall and will enjoy watching it grow and change through the years!


I also really like the way this table looks in my foyer!  The table was my mother-in-law's, as was the beautiful floral arrangement.  I love the colors in that!  I've added a buffet lamp I had, a doily crocheted by my Mom, my guest book, and a little glass dish from my Mom's china cabinet that I've filled with some shells I found during our recent trip to Cumberland Island.  I think it looks pretty, and it makes me feel happy!  :)

That's my secret to home decorating -- forget the "rules," and use what makes me feel happy when I see it!  :)

Family News

I've received some exciting news in the past couple weeks!  See if you can guess what it is  . . . 

What do you think of the name, "Marmee?"  :)

That's not all of the exciting news!  Last Saturday, my oldest son, Taylor, graduated from college magna cum laude!  :)

Here he is with his proud Mom and Dad!

Yes, I know -- I look like a midget!  :)

Here's the whole family -- except for our second oldest son, Josh, and his wife, Kristi, who both had to work that day. 

Ashlyn let Hannah take control of the shutter, so she could pose with the handsome graduate!  :)

Graduation photos courtesy of my beautiful and talented daughter, Ashlyn. To see more of her pictures
 or to read about her upcoming mission trip to Ecuador, check out her blog - Captured by Beauty.

Please join me again next Friday on my front porch!!

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CamsShel said...

Love it! (I'm nosy that way!) A couple disjointed thoughts (we're supposed to be doing school) ... black spray paint makes every frame look good... Awesome to see I'm not the only mom with a son a whole head and shoulders taller than me... And Ashlyn's shoes rock!

3dlessons4life said...

What a beautiful family! Loved the photo wall. Being a grandma rocks! Congratulations. :)

Laura Hodges Poole said...

Beautiful photography! You've inspired me to do more decorating. Love the front porch and the photos on the stairway. My son is graduating high school in three weeks. A bittersweet moment!

sandrag said...

Loved the pictures, more of the whole house please :). Loved your decorating, the house is looking beautiful and best of all, very homey and inviting! Love the "grandma" name, very sweet! Look forward to next week!

Mrs. White said...

I loved this visit! It's a great idea.

Your wall of pictures looks so pretty. I need to do something like that.

Your way of decorating always inspires me!

The family looks so happy and beautiful. You are blessed!

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