Thursday, June 13, 2013

Simple Pleasures and Little Treasures

One problem with our materialistic society is that it takes more and more to thrill us and to make us happy.  We lose our sense of gratefulness when nothing really measures up to our high expectations.  Unthankfulness results in unhappiness, which makes life a drudgery!

The solution?  

Learn to take pleasure and joy in the Simple things of life! 

Open your mouth and begin to thank God for his grace towards youl Thank him for every good thing that he has brought into you life. Thank him, thank him, and thank him again. Joy is the result of a thankful heart.  A thankful heart is the result of a person who decides to give thanks. So say, "Thank you, God, for . . . "  ~ Debi Pearl

I think that is why Ann Voskamp's book, One Thousand Gifts resonates with so many people.  With her thrilling prose, she teaches us to look for God's grace gifts in everyday life and to take the time to actually count the gifts that we tend to overlook as we rush through our days. As we slow down and take time to notice and thank the Giver for these little blessings, we discover a simple, yet profound, Joy, that previously eluded us.

I recently downloaded the 1000 Gifts App, which is Free (that's Gift #1!) and makes it even easier to capture and share the blessings we encounter each and every day!

Here are a couple of the little treasures and simple pleasures that have brought me joy in recent days:

~ Beautiful dishes picked up at a local thrift store!  What a simple pleasure - to eat on seashell dishes  - when you live on the coast!  :)

~ Perfect sand dollars found at the beach!  I bleached them and lined them up in the sun to dry, where they captured Hannah's attention! 

Beautiful blooms on the Hibiscus plant I brought back from my Mom's house!

This beautiful starfish flexi -- perfect for summer!

What simple pleasures have been bringing you joy lately??

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Abby May said...

Raindrops on a summer afternoon, the warmth of the sun on my skin, beach trips with my sister, singing loudly to the radio with my mom, frozen yogurt date nights with my cousins, the last few hugs I give my dad as his "little girl," cuddling on the couch with Domino, seeing Joe's smile or hearing Joe's laugh, the sparkling ocean water, seeing my wedding dress all altered and ready to go for the Big Day, Snapchat sessions with my brother and sister, evening bikerides in the breeze as the sun sets, hearing, "I love you," riding with your windows down, the inescapable beauty of a sunset...

I loved this post! :) It is seeing the world through the eyes of a child who takes nothing for granted but cherishes and clings to every wonderful moment and blessing that God has given them to live and experience every day. In my opinion, we must remember to step back from the hardship-filled world that has taken us over as we have aged, which tends to make us miss the small things, the joys in life that God has blessed us with every day, and put back on the eyes of a child who asks questions, is filled with joy, and lives life with a smile. As Jesus said, "...for such is the Kingdom of Heaven." :)
Thanks, mom! I couldn't agree more.

busymomof10 said...

Thanks for your comment, Abby! I LOVE your list!!! And you are so right -- we should be more like children, who never lose the wonder of the world around them! If we approach life like that, we may find that we've uncovered a "fountain of youth!" :)

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