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Marriage Monday: How Do you Look at Your Husband? {Link up}

Marriage Mondays

Welcome back to Marriage Monday!  I hope you had a chance to watch the wedding video that I posted last week.  It captured some of the super sweet moments from Joe and Abby's wedding day!

Several people have commented to me that they could see the love and adoration that Joe and Abby have for each other by the looks on their faces as they looked at one other.  You can see it in the video and in the pictures, such as the one I posted here.  

That got me thinking -- what do people see on our faces as wives when we look at our husbands??  Do they see our love and admiration for our husbands??  Or do our faces tell a different story??

Think about it -- What do you see when you look at your husband??

Do you zoom in on his faults, weaknesses and shortcomings?  Do you focus on the things about him that irritate you?

Or do you choose a different angle where you can focus on his strengths, abilities, and good qualities?  Do you choose to zoom out and look for those characteristics that drew you to him when you first fell in love?

Just as each photographer snapped this shot from a slightly different angle, choosing the optimum lighting to get the desired results, so we also have a choice what picture of our husbands we will frame and carry around in our minds. The Scriptures put it this way: 

"Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things."  ~Philippians 4:8, NKJV

Ready for a challenge??  Let's commit together to look for the good in our husbands, to focus on the praiseworthy, to notice his virtues, and to let our faces reflect our love and admiration for our amazing husbands!

Your Turn to Share:

Have you ever taken notice of how women look at their husbands in public?  Take time to observe the faces of women as they look at their husbands and see what you learn.  Also, I'd love for you to share how you've learned to focus on your husband's good qualities and what difference it has made in your marriage.  Please share by leaving a comment here or over on my Facebook page, so we might all be encouraged and built up as wives!

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Holly Bierly Young said...
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Holly Bierly Young said...

Oh, I really liked this! One thing I am trying to stop doing is correcting my husband in public. If he is telling a story, I'm bad about jumping in with little details that don't even matter..."It wasn't happened on Monday."

OR if it is a detail that is really important, I'm learning to be more respectful.

The other day, we were visiting with some friends, and he was telling a story about my job. I tried to be really polite and gentle...something along the lines of, "I"m sorry to interrupt, but do you mind if I add to that?"

...Not something I would have done in the past!

This was a great post. I also really like your banner photo. Have a great week!

Kim said...

Oh, yes! We are so apt to scold our children about their faces, and yet don't always recognize it on our own.

Our eyes are the windows to our soul, as the old saying goes. If they are filled with love for our spouse, our hubby and our children will benefit.

Found you via HWC.

Kristen said...

GREAT reminder! Thank you for the encouragement!

Jenni said...

What a wonderful reminder! I think I have the most difficult time keeping this mindset around the house, where life tends to be a bit more frustrating. :) I remind myself that the children see how I look at my husband, and also that the real barometer of the heart is my demeanor when no one else is looking but the Lord. It's a daily battle.

becominghiseve said...

I love looking at my husband! I love watching his expression, and admiring his features. This is such a great reminder to look at my husband with love.

I think that wives who don't look at their husbands also speak volumes about how they feel about their husbands. I work at a pool part time and I can always tell the couples that really love each other by how they look at, speak to, and treat one another, and the couples who are having "trouble in paradise" because they barely look at each other. I think it's so sad that any married couple could get to the point where they barely look at one another because of problems they're having. Looking at each other communicates love and respect. Avoiding eye contact and spending time together seems almost cruel.

Anna said...

I've got to say that God blessed me with an AMAZING man, and I don't have to try very hard! He's the one with the patience :)

Shari said...

Yes, our faces often reflect our heart! We need to post some mirrors throughout our home to take a quick attitude check from time-to-time! Found you over at Messy Marriage, and look forward to getting better acquainted!

Beth said...

Ooh! I like you're assignment, Elizabeth. Not only am I going to make sure my face reflects the love I have for my hubby, but I'm going to study other wives to see what their faces reflect. It should be interesting and provide some food for thought for later too! :) Thanks for linking up at Wedded Wed, my friend!

RhiannonSTR said...

I feel that when you truly love, respect and admire your husband, it shows in all that you do. It's wonderful to see and to live and it must be wonderful to see on the face of your own son and his wife.

Mel Caldicott said...

I love the challenge here you have written about. All too often I have focused on the things my husband does that irritates me rather than his qualities.

I linked here from 1-minute Bible Love Notes and thought you might want to link this post at the linkup I host called Essential Fridays.

I'm sure my readers would love to see this!


Gena at said...

I do think about this often--but maybe not often enough!

Amy Eliz said...

Thanks for the challenge, this was important for me to read! -Amy

Amy Will said...

Such a great reminder of Scripture... I needed to read this! Thank you for the encouragement!

Jenifer Metzger said...

Great encouragement to see the good in our man!

Thanks for linking up with Woman to Woman's Word Filled Wednesday! Join us again next week!

God bless~

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