Monday, July 22, 2013

Marriage Monday: A Magnifying Glass or Rose-Colored Glasses? {Link up!}

Welcome back to Marriage Monday!  I hope you had a chance to read my post from last week on what our faces say about our husbands. If you missed it, you can read it here.  Several said they were planning to take my suggestion  and watch the faces of wives around them as they looked at their husbands. I hope that was eye-opening!  The greatest blessing for me as I did this was watching the face of my pastor's wife on Sunday while her husband (our pastor!) sang the special music.  Her face was glowing with love, joy, admiration and praise to our God! The song was very moving to our fellowship of believers, and the look on her face only enhanced the message of his song!

Shouldn't that be the way it is every day?  The way we look at our husbands should enhance "the song they were designed to sing."  

When our husbands share something with a group of people, especially if they happen to be the ones behind the podium, imagine how our attentiveness, admiration, and non-verbal agreement with what they are sharing can not only encourage their confidence, but promote their message and validate it in the eyes of those around us!  

How did you do this week with our Challenge?  Did you look for the good in your husband?  Did you focus on the praiseworthy, notice his virtues, and let your face reflect your love and admiration for your amazing husband?  I hope so!  

If you had trouble with this assignment, let me suggest something that might help.  You might need to change out the lenses you are using to look at your husband! 

Ever noticed how young couples in love look at each other through rose-colored glasses??  They seem oblivious to the faults that the rest of us see quite plainly!  However, some time after they are married, it's not uncommon for them to change lenses and start looking at each other with a magnifying glass!  Suddenly all of their mate's faults are glaringly obvious!!

May I suggest we flip-flop that practice??  For those of you who are still single and looking for "Mr. Right" or those of you who are in a relationship and wondering if "he's the one," now is the time to bring out the magnifying glass!  Don't gloss over any faults or short-comings -- these will only be magnified once you are married!  Please don't ignore red flags!!  Most women in very bad, abusive marriages had indications of what was to come -- they just ignored the warning flags!

However, if you are married, put away your magnifying glass (or give it to a single woman you know!) and put on your rose-colored glasses!  Look at your husband through eyes of love and eyes of grace!  

Ready for a challenge??  Let's trade in our magnifying glasses for rose-colored glasses!  :)  Let me know how this simple lens change affects your view of your husband!

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Kate Megill said...

Very good and challenging post! Seeing our husbands through the lens of love and grace...great words!

Coming over from What Joy is Mine link-up and stayed to link up! I host a link-up on Tuesdays and I'd love for you to come share this post to encourage other women!

Beth said...

I love the challenge this week, Elizabeth. I'm kicking that magnifying glass to the curb and not adjusting my rose-colored glasses! I think I look much better with the glasses on anyway, than hunching over with that big, awkward magnifying glass any day! ha! Thanks for the link up and the great encouragement to love as Jesus loves us!

Naomi@What Joy Is Mine said...

Elizabeth...what a humbling reminder of how to view our husbands. Viewing them with grace...I like that. And we must be intentional! Thank for the encouraging words and for the link up. Have a blessed week friend.

Judith said...

Elizabeth, this is a wonderful post. Such a good reminder. I don't think I live up to this always but I have seen examples of those who do and it is as encouraging as reading your post.

Thanks for hosting the linkup today.

Mrs. Sarah Coller said...

I absolutely love this! Thanks so much for the encouragement! I'm adding your party to my linky list. I have a weekly Homemaking Party and would love to have you join up, if you haven’t already. Here’s the link to this week’s party:
Mrs. Sarah Coller

Ren Blogger said...

I wrote a post with similar sentiments a while back- very wise advice for a happy marriage ;0) I love my rose colored glasses- they suit me just fine.

Lisa Lewis Koster said...

Thanks for sharing this bit of wisdom. I love the idea of the magnifying glass vs rose colored glasses!

Gail @ said...

I love your thoughts and reminders here, Elisabeth. Such a good analogy between magnifying and rose-colored glasses. May we view our husbands with eyes of love, grace and forgiveness.

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