Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why I Love Lilla Rose: Let Me Count the Ways!

Love the flexi-clip??  Ever thought about selling Lilla Rose Hair Jewelry?  It is fun and a fabulous opportunity for young single women or mothers at home to earn an income!

Right now, Lilla Rose is offering a never-before-offered special deal for new consultants! Through the end of July when you sign up as a consultant, your shipping is totally free on your enrollment kit!
Plus, when you sign up as a consultant I will send you a special item from my own inventory as a thank you gift! 

Why I Love Lilla Rose:

1.  The products are beautiful and well-made and work in all hair types!  The innovative flexi-clip makes it simple to create stunning hair styles in seconds!

2.  Sharing Lilla Rose hair jewelry with people is fun, especially when they get excited about finding a clip that works in their hair!

 3.  Lilla Rose is a fabulous company to work for!  They are committed to excellence in every way and are so helpful to customers and consultants alike!  

4.  Lilla Rose is a young company with Huge Potential!  This is a ground-floor opportunity to get in with a company with enormous growth potential!  Many people have never heard of Lilla Rose and many cities don't yet have a consultant!  YOU might be the first Lilla Rose consultant in your town and you can start building your own team!
5.  Flexi Clips practically sell themselves!  Some consultants have literally sold flexi-clips right off their heads!  :)  I've found that if I can get ladies to try a flexi-clip in their hair, they almost always want one!  Once they buy one, they will want more!  Soon they will start telling their friends about the amazing flexi-clip and your business will be off the ground and running!
6. There is no pressure to sell!  You can become a consultant with the goal of building a steady home-based income or with the goal of funding your own flexi habit!  ;)  Consultants receive a free replicated website, and there are no monthly fees or sales quotas!  The only requirement is that you have $29 in sales for the entire year! This is easily accomplished!
7. You earn a minimum of 30% commission on all sales, plus you receive the same discount on products you purchase!  With increased monthly sales, you can earn as much as 45% on your sales, plus qualify for bonuses.
8. You have Options and Flexibility with a Lilla Rose Business!  You can sell to friends and family, you can sell totally online, or you can sell at home parties and craft shows!  The possibility of earning a part time, or even full time income is there, depending on how much time you have to put into it.
9.  You can get started for as little as $49.95 plus sales tax!!  With that investment, you receive 5 flexi-clips to demonstrate, give away, sell, or use for your own family!  So, there's nothing to lose!
10.  It's FUN to have your own personal stash of a wide variety of flexis!  :)

Please contact me by leaving a comment or emailing me if you have questions!  I can send you an email containing answers to the most frequently asked questions.  I'd LOVE to have you joing my team!  :)


Lori Homeyer said...

I would love to have more information. I know I missed the deadline but this is something that I've been praying about for awhile. One quick question, are there weekly/monthly meetings to attend? And/or minimum monthly requirements? My daughter is special needs so time can be limited. Thanks. ~Lori

busymomof10 said...

Hi Lori!

I would LOVE to have you join my team! There are no required meetings of any kind, no monthly quotas, no hidden fees, no pressure! You do have to sell (or buy) $29 worth of products over the course of an entire year, which is easily accomplished!

Please email me and I will send you a list of FAQ that should answer most of your questions!

Many Lilla Rose consultants are busy moms, so you will fit right in! :)

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