Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Frog, a Fly, and a Curious Little Boy!

When my husband came to visit last weekend, he told me the cutest story about my little Matthew.  Matt, who turned 11 in July, is a very curious and determined guy!

One day last week Matt and his friend next door caught a frog and put it in his butterfly cage.  Then they caught a horsefly and put it in with the frog.  Later, they noticed that the frog was dead and the horsefly was missing, so Matt decided to dissect the frog and see if it had eaten the fly!  :)

Matt took out his $5 pocketknife and dissected that frog!!  Then he proceeded to point out all the inward parts of that frog to his friend (and later to his amazed father)!!

Are you wondering if he found that horsefly??  Yes, apparentlly he did!!!  :)  

I just love this story! However, I must admit that I'm sort of glad that he dissected that frog when I was out of town!  ;)

Disclaimer:  Please don't think I'm one of those Moms who pulls off all kinds of neat Science experiments and perfect dissections on top of everything else!  Actually, I can't remember any of my cool Science experiments ever working!  :(  I eventually gave up trying!  I don't have the stomach for dissections and my older kids either did their own with no help from me, or went to a Christian school at just the right time!  ;)  Are you wondering how Matt learned about dissection?  From a wonderful Science Mom who did several dissections last year with all the kids in our little homeschool co-op!   She's probably amazed to discover that he was actually paying attention.  After all, he is an 11-year-old boy!!  :)

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