Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More than Rules: Exploring the Heart of Beauty and Modesty {Review and Giveaway}

Bambi Moore, who blogs at In the Nursery of the Nation, asked me to review her ebook on modesty way back in July.  I eagerly accepted, as this was a topic I was interested in revisiting, and I also wanted to better prepare myself to speak into the lives of the young women in my sphere of influence.  I read the ebook right away, and loved it, but unfortunately, life got in the way, and I never got around to offering my review until now.

I want to whole-heartedly endorse More Than Rules  as one of the the best books I've read on modesty.  Bambi writes with humility and humor and wades through a potential minefield with both guts and grace. 

You will find no legalistic list of rules in her book, but neither does she "skirt the issues."  (Excuse the pun!)  She provides a well-balanced approach to a controversial topic.

You will love meeting six women who struggle with their clothing choices, and you may even see yourself in one of them: Naive Nellie, Blameless Bernice, Careless Cassie, Stylish Susan, Full-Figured Florence, and Parading Patricia.

I love the way this book addresses the heart of the issue.  Bambi writes, "A pure heart encompasses much more than clothing.  Every aspect of modesty, whether it be speech, demeanor, or clothing, is a direct resut of what our heart is like."  

If you desire to glorify God in every area of your life, including your dress, but don't want to be bound by a list of rigid rules, then this is the book for you! You will learn how to get to the heart of modesty.


The book includes 16 thought-provoking chapters:

  • Introduction 
  • In Which I Go to the Salon for Some Detailing
  • Why We Are Preoccupied with Physical Beauty
  • Motivations of the Heart {and Is it Wrong to Enhance the Appearance}
  • Imperishable Beauty
  • When You Are Not Your Own
  • More Than Bikinis and Burqas
  • Wanton Eyes, Outstretched Necks and the Demeanor of the Christian Woman
  • Captives to Lust
  • Modest Dress {What it is and Eight Reasons Why We Don't Want to Talk About It}
  • Read Any Good Looks Lately?
  • Introducing Six Immodestly Dressed Women
  • What a Christian Woman Should Wear
  • Giving Grace and Six Reasons Why Outward Adornment Should be in Moderation
  • On Making Rules {Sniff, Sniff. Do I Smell a Legalist?}
  • The Immodesty of Modesty {and Other Warnings}

If you have questions about modesty, are the mother of daughters or are influential in the life of any younger women or teens at your church, you will definitely want to get a copy of More Than Rules.

You can click on the link below to go ahead and buy your own copy of this excellent resource:

Click here to visit Bambi Moore.

Or you can follow the directions below to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway and
attempt to win a copy of your own:

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Robin and Billy said...

Your blog is an encouragement and blessing. I have an eleven year old daughter and would love to read the book you're giving away with her.


Kansas Kim said...

I agree about wanting to read with my 10 year old, but I am afraid it me y be "above" her as she struggles with school work due to her early childhood abuse. She is hopping on the modesty train when she knows I am near, (And you should have heard my 5 year old when we watched part of the Miss America show. "not modest...not modest... Mommy, why can't these ladies dress nice?") but I know when with friends she struggles to look and act like them. Do you know of a book written more to this age group or even younger girls?

busymomof10 said...

I'm not sure what book to recommend for a 10 year old, but I feel sure you could glean from this book and then share nuggets with her appropriate to her level to understand. Modeling is very important as well.

Audrey Boyd said...

I think the chapter "On Making Rules" sounds the most interesting. Thanks for entering me for the giveaway!

Jennifer P said...

With three teenage daughters, modesty is a constant conversation that needs to happen in our house.

RebeccaL. said...

I would love to read another Christian lady's opinion.

Candy Reid said...

Modesty is always a topic at our house. I'm so thankful that my almost 11 year old "gets it", but I understand the need to continue this conversation through the years.
And, of course, I'd love to win the book. :)

Sandra at Precious as Rubies said...

I love In the Nursery of the Nation the blog, so I'd love to read the book also!

Jeannette Mills said...

I just love Bambi's blog! She has wonderful insight and her love of God and of her family is always evident. I would love to read this book and use it to assist my family in our parenting, and eventually have my children read it as well. :)

Klasse Woods Natural Farm said...

Glad I found you through "Nursery of the Nation". Looking forward to exploring your blog.

Alicia Blessed said...

Modesty/ purity is on my heart. The more I learn what the Word says the more I see how far the world is from God's way. I would enjoy the book in studying more

Alicia Blessed said...

Modesty/ purity is on my heart. The more I learn what the Word says the more I see how far the world is from God's way. I would enjoy the book in studying more

brabantbound said...

I'm looking forward to getting a copy of this book! More relevant today than ever before!

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