Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Winner of 3 Pairs of Earrings from Aunt Mae!

Congratulations to Rebecca H. Langford, who was randomly selected (by Rafflecopter) to win 3 sets of beautiful, handmade earrings from the talented Aunt Mae.  Aunt Mae's website features 23 stunning styles to choose from, so Rebecca is sure to enjoy picking out her favorites!`

Disappointed because you didn't win??  You will be he delighted to learn that Aunt Mae's earrings are very affordable, starting at only $8 a pair.  The earring wires are made of stainless steel (which means they are nickel free) and are very light-weight and comfortable to wear, and many of the styles were designed to be worn with your favorite Lilla Rose flexi-clips.

Click here to shop for earrings on Aunt Mae's website.

Thank you for supporting home businesses that help keep mothers at home with their children!  This is especially true for Aunt Mae, who is a recent widow and trying to create enough income through various home businesses to continue homeschooling.

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