Friday, October 18, 2013

From my Front Porch ~ October 18, 2013

from my front porch

Welcome back to my weekly series, From my Front Porch, where I share updates from my home and family. My hope is that you'll fix yourself a cup of coffee or tea, or perhaps even a glass of lemonade, and imagine us sitting together on my front porch, chatting about life and catching up on the latest news!  I hope you'll join me each Friday on My Front Porch!  

Around the House

I want to get back on track with my house tour and finish it up in the next couple weeks!!  I never intended to drag it on for so long!  ;)  Today I am going to start showing you the bedrooms.

After making it upstairs, we will turn left and double back over the stairs to Tiffany's room.  This is the hall leading to her room.  If you were to look over the wrought iron railing on the left, you would be looking down on the front stair case and the family picture wall would be to your right.   

Tiffany (28) shares her room with her cute little dog, Sofi. She has her room all fixed up to reflect her fashionista personality!  ;)

Her room is a cute and cozy haven for her!

Here is a sneak peek into the girl's bathroom which is accessible from the hall. We might take another look in here next week.

Next week, I'll show you Hannah's and Bethany's bedroom!  Then, if I am feeling very brave, I'll venture into the boys' bedroom!!!  

Family News

Last Friday night, we took time to relax after a busy week by enjoying our new firepit!  It was fun sitting by the fire and the kids roasted marshmallows and made s'mores!  We even tried singing a few campfire songs!!  (You have to understand that only a couple of us can really sing on tune!!)  :)

Then Saturday morning, we got up early and drove to Albany for the day. We attended the wedding of this special couple:

It was a beautiful, God-honoring wedding, but probably the longest wedding I've ever been to! ;)  It was also the largest wedding I've ever been to with 650 guests!!!  

Among the guests were some friends that I haven't seen in quite awhile.  This is me with my friend and mother of the bride, Carolyn.

And this is me with my good friend, Martha.

Once the weekend was over, it was another busy week here filled with our normal activities, school work, dentist appointments, errands, etc.  It sometimes feels that each week flies by faster than the one before!!

Yesterday was a very important day for Tiffany, as she made her grad school audition video.  She hired a videographer to video her while she performed her classical piano repoirtoire.  She will be sending the video to the various music conservatories that she is applying to.  As you can imagine, she will be sitting on the edge of her piano bench these next few months as she waits to hear back from schools and find out which ones will be calling her back for live auditions!!

Thanks for stopping by my front porch for a visit! I'd love for you to take a moment to "sign my guest book" (leave a comment!)  ;)  Also, if you have time, please drop by and visit with my dear friend, Lori. She blogs from the front porch of her cozy little log cabin nestled in the woods of the South Carolina mountains.  You will enjoy her warm and witty writing style!  Tell her that Elizabeth sent you!  :)

Please join me again next Friday on my front porch!!


Katie said...

I'm enjoying your house tour! I'm always interested to see how large families split up the bedrooms. We've got 3 kids in a 3 br house now....we'll have to start stacking them up if we're blessed with more! :)

busymomof10 said...

Thanks Kate! We've mostly had 4 bedroom houses -- Generally ALL 6 of the boys were in the same roo! Back in the early 2000's we purchased two sets of triple bunk beds off the internet that have served them well! Then we had one bedroom for the girls and when we had a 4th bedroom it has been a school room, a nursery for the baby and in recent years a private room for my adult daughter.

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