Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Joy in a Box

Operation Christmas Child is a perfect opportunity for kids to learn the joy of giving. They totally love picking out little items and packing them into shoe boxes to be sent to needy children around the world!

Inexpensive but useful items can be obtained at your local discount store.  We purchased most of our items at the Target Dollar Section, Family Dollar and The Dollar Tree. We learned that simple toothbrushes are the most appreciated item!

For instructions on how to pack a shoebox or what to include (or not include) click HERE.  We tried to include both practical and fun items.

Are you participating in Operation Christmas Child this year? If you haven't packed a box yet, there's still time . . . but not much.  You'll probably need to put your box together today as boxes are being collected this week and taken to distribution centers.  

If you have a story of how participating in Operation Christmas Child has blessed you or your family, I'd love to hear it!  Please share in the comments or over on my Facebook page!


Marci Ferrell said...

We shopped at a Target together this year for our shoeboxes Elizabeth :). Loved the post plus your visual is helping me assemble mine a bit tighter this morning.

Bambi said...

Thank you soooo much for reminding me about OCC! One year we organized a huge group, made an assembly line, took donations of "fillers" and filled 75 boxes. It was so fun :) We're going to go TODAY and fill some boxes.

busymomof10 said...

I love your idea of the group assembly line! We thought about doing that with our homeschool co-op, but we have so many kids this year that we were afraid it might be too chaotic! :) So, every family filled their own boxes and brought them to our co-op meeting yesterday to be collected. It's a great opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus!


busymomof10 said...


I thought Target had some great items for shoeboxes and the price was right! :)

We hope to fill more boxes next year!


Kim Adams Morgan said...

We love OCC. Such a great organization!

Heidi said...

I have a friend who was adopted from the Ukraine as an older kid and received a shoebox one Christmas. He says tennis balls were the best thing ever ;)

Lisha said...

Our Junior Church director gets everyone at our church involved. For about 6 weeks leading up to the collection time, the kids decorate big boxes and put them out in the entry of the church - one box each for hygiene items, toys, candy, clothes, coloring books/writing, etc. Each week they highlight a different box and everyone brings donations for that particular box the following week (for example, if they highlight the hygiene box, next week everyone would bring toothbrushes, soap, washcloths, etc). The week before the shoeboxes are all due, the kids spend a church service assembling the shoeboxes, and we take up a love offering for the shipping costs. It's something we all look forward to!

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