Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lilla Rose Sale and November FOTM

Lilla Rose has just released three new flexi clips! Which one is your favorite style??

You can buy any of these new items for 10% off on November 7th only! This includes the three new flexis, a beautiful new pearl headband, and three you-pins created with shorter pins.  On top of thaat, you can get FREE shipping on any purchase over $30 on November 7th through 9th! 

This FREE Shipping event is an excellent time to order the stunning November flexi-of-the-month while it is still available!  "Autumn's Ruby Bouquet" is beautiful in brunette hair . . . 

stunning in blonde hair . . . 

and gorgeous on scarves too!!

This uniquely designed flexi is the perfect adornment for your holiday ensembles!  Shop for yours here.

If you're uncertain what size flexi you would need, watch the sizing and styling video here.  For scarves, I recommend a medium; but, of course, it depends on how thick your scarf is.

Remember to order some flexis for gifts while you're at it!  :)  Lilla Rose items make unqiue Christmas gifts and fabulous stocking stuffers!

Click HERE to start shopping and take advantage of this surprise sale!

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