Thursday, November 14, 2013

We Need You!

My 26-year-old daughter, Ashlyn, has a heart overflowing with love for children and sharing the gospel.  So, naturally, she loves mission trips, especially when they involve orphans! In addition to working a full-time job in a busy pediatrician's office, plus running her own photography business, she spends her "spare time" working extra jobs (babysitting and house sitting) and scrimping and saving so she can go on three-week mission trips with Global Encounters each summer.  

Having an opportunity to love these hurting, unloved children and share with them the unconditional, unfailing love of Jesus is what keeps her going all year long!

Currently, she is a finalist in a mission T-shirt design contest sponsored by Global Encounters where the first prize is a $300 scholarship for her next mission trip!  Her T-shirt design, Sent with Love, is fabulous, and if chosen will appear on all 2014 Global Encounters mission T-shirts!

She really wants to win this contest!  The competition is fierce, and her design is running neck-to-neck with that of her primary competitor.  Which is where you come in.  Would you do me a favor and take a minute of your time to vote for Ashlyn's T-shirt - Sent with Love?

You can vote on Facebook and on Twitter:

I really appreciate your support and help with this project!  The whole family has gotten on board, and is promoting Ashlyn's T-shirt design on Facebook and Twitter and encouraging their friends to vote!  Her brothers and sisters have even been creating promotional videos in support of Ashlyn's T-shirt campaign!  :)  (Aren't large families the greatest?!?)  You can watch one of their crazy videos here:

Today is the last day for voting!  So, don't delay!  Vote Now!  :)

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