Friday, December 6, 2013

From my Front Porch ~ December 6, 2013

Welcome back to my weekly series, From my Front Porch, where I share updates from my home and family. My hope is that you'll fix yourself a cup of coffee or tea and imagine us sitting together on my front porch, chatting about life and catching up on the latest news!  I hope you'll join me each Friday on My Front Porch!  

As you know (or may have suspected by the lack of activity here of late), I've been over-the-top busy lately!  First, there was the arrival of Sarah, who surprised us by coming four weeks early, then her sudden return to the hospital for jaundice, followed by a house full of company, the Thanksgiving holidays, Christmas Decorating, Christmas shopping, Lilla Rose vendor opportunities, and an abundance of extra activities everywhere!  Quite honestly, I've found myself exhausted!

While it is refreshing to sit on the porch for a minute and catch my breath (especially with a cool coastal breeze blowing), it is hard to sit here and chat with my To-Do List trailing behind me!  There are never enough hours in the day, but especially during the busy holiday season!  Can I get an "amen?"  ;) 

Thanksgiving already feels so far away, yet it was just a bit over a week ago! On Thanksgiving morning, while Alan and I stuffed our 24-pound bird and got it on to cook, the kids ran and/or walked the annual Turkey Trot.  Here they are, looking no worse for the wear!

When they got home, we rewarded their efforts with pumpkin pancakes, eggs and bacon, which has become a tradition on Thanksgiving morning!  Then, it was "all hands on deck" to get the house in order before the kids headed out to play their annual sibling football game!  

I always prepare as much of the Thanksgiving meal ahead of time as I can, so I only had a few tasks to attend to until it was time for the final push to get everything on the table, so I had a bit of extra time and decided to create this menu board out of a Chinet paper plate!  (Idea inspired by something I had seen on Pinterest!)

Gathering around the dining room table with family and friends to ask the Lord's blessing on our feast  . . .

My plate full of food!!  :)

An "ariel view" of our Thanksgiving crowd . . . 

On Friday, Alan bravely took all the girls to Jacksonville for some Black Friday shopping, while I spent the day selling Lilla Rose hair jewelry at the mall.

I'm not sure what the fellas did -- I guess watch football, play video games, and eat up all the leftovers!   ;)

On Saturday, we put up our Christmas tree . . . 

And decorated the house for Christmas . . . 

Yes, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!  :)

Thanks for stopping by my front porch for a visit! I'd love for you to take a moment to "sign my guest book" (leave a comment!)  ;)  Also, if you have time, please drop by and visit with my dear friend, Lori. When she has time, she blogs from the front porch of her cozy little log cabin nestled in the woods of the South Carolina mountains.  You will enjoy her warm and witty writing style!  Tell her that Elizabeth sent you!  :)

Please join me again next Friday on my front porch!!


Lois said...

Can't remember if I've ever commented, but here goes again if I have! I had a major abdominal hysterectomy with complications in Oct and was laid up for awhile. I'm just now starting to do my own wash and cleaning, besides taking care of my precious family. We have 4 young-uns ages 9,8,5, & 4. Anyway, in that time I happened upon your blog and was so inspired and interested that I read through it from beginning to end!! Sure makes me feel like I know your family! While I feel everything you post is great reading, I especially enjoy any/all pictures of your family/home and any/all updates on them! So, here's a gentle encouragement to PLEASE continue! ;D I was anxiously waiting to hear about Josh's baby...hope all's better and they are home and loving her! Have a Blessed, Merry Christmas! From another Southerner, as in the Deep South, who makes her home in the heart of MS

busymomof10 said...

Dear Lois,

Every now and then I ask myself, "Why am I doing this? Is it really worth the time I invest?" Friday was one of those days, after it seemed to take me an exorbitant amount of time to actually get these pictures loaded and this update posted! So, your words of encouragement were so very timely and really blessed me!!!

I love blogging, recording snippets of daily life for the future, and encouraging other women in their high and noble calling of wife and mother. It is very rewarding to me, and yet, there are those days when it is just one more thing on an already overflowing to-do list!! Thanks so very much for taking the time to comment and for encouraging me to keep on keeping on!! :)

I feel that the Lord used you to encourage me and give me direction today!


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