Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Common Joy Robbers

Yesterday in my Marriage Monday post I talked about the importance of being a Joyful Wife (and mother). This is so very important, because we as wives and mothers set the atmosphere for our homes.  Yet, from my experience and from the emails and comments I've received, it is apparently something we all struggle with at times.

It seems we are all battling a band of "joy robbers" that sneak in undetected and steal our joy!  What are common "joy robbers" in your life?  Perhaps you can identify with some of these:

  1. fear - "What if's"
  2. regret - "If only's"
  3. guilt over past mistakes
  4. worry about the future
  5. bitterness, resentment, anger
  6. perfectionism
  7. comparison with others
  8. unfulfilled expectations
  9. lack of self-worth
  10. fear of failure
  11. financial problems
  12. health problems
  13. illness or death in the family
  14. lack of order - cluttered life or home
  15. undisciplined children
  16. rebellious young adults
  17. marital problems
  18. number of children (either the abundance or lack of)
  19. lack of harmony in the home
  20. discontentment, self-pity
  21. lack of time 
  22. physical exhaustion, weariness
  23. overwhelmed
  24. lack of time in the Word and/or in prayer
  25. spiritual warfare

Which of these "joy robbers" are stealing your joy??  {Please share some in the comments!}

If you take time to examine this list one by one, you'll see that all of these "joy robbers" can be grouped into three main categories:

  1. Wrong thoughts, attitudes and emotions
  2. Unpleasant circumstances, suffering 
  3. Spiritual warfare - believing lies, feeling of "heaviness", lack of time with God

Once you understand which types of "joy robbers" are stealing your joy, you are well on your way to finding ways to arrest them!

Tomorrow I will share some practical ways of Recovering Joy!

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Debbie Jackson said...

Yes, it seems that most of these things will stand in the way of helping to have a good attitude! It's hard to always be positive with the everyday living, but now being older and having raised my kids, I tell parents struggling to enjoy every minute and spend time with their kids, real time, because there aren't any do overs and once that time is gone... it's gone! Love the post!

Rachael DeBruin said...

Love your blog! so glad I found it...yes, so many joy stealers. I've been re-working on a thankful list again courtesy of Ann Voskamp's inspiring 1000 gifts.

Rachael @ Diamonds in the Rough (http://www.parentingandhomeschoolinginfaith.com)

WholeHearted Home Judith Kowles said...

I have been working on changing this for several years (and getting better at being joyful). I've had some difficult circumstances but often it is just the littlest things that can steal our joy. We need to be vigilant. I loved the concept of your post as a joy robber. Thanks.

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