Friday, March 7, 2014

From my Front Porch ~ March 7, 2014

Welcome back to my weekly series, From my Front Porch, where I share updates from my home and family. My hope is that you'll fix yourself a cup of coffee or tea and imagine us sitting together on my front porch, chatting about life and catching up on the latest news!  I hope you'll join me each Friday on My Front Porch!  

I've had trouble making it to my front porch today!  I hope it's not too late for you to fix yourself a hot drink and join me on my front porch!  :)

It has been a good week -- much more laid back than normal, and I've really enjoyed the slower pace!

We started off the week with a beautiful day Monday -- it was 81 degrees F and sunny!  It was so pretty that Hannah, Bethany and I snuck over to the beach for a little while that afternoon!!  ;)

You can see in the picture above that the weather was beginning to change ~ the wind was picking up and the clouds were moving in, bringing rain and cooler temperatures.  The high on Tuesday was only 50 degrees!!  What a difference!  

While at the beach, we collected a little bit of sand in a bucket for a project we had in mind . . . 

I'd been wanting to do something "beachy" on my mantle for months.  So, I finally took advantage of a 25% off coupon for Michael's to buy these glass vases, which Hannah and I filled with sand, an assortment of shells, and sea grass. Then, we nestled some conch shells that Hannah had found on top of some gentle waves of burlap to create this charming coastal look.  What do you think??  I must admit that I'm quite pleased with our project!  :)

I've met so many amazing ladies through Lilla Rose!  On Thursday afternoon, I learned that one of the Lilla Rose consultants that I "know" from our consultant's Facebook group was travelling north after a break from the cold and snow in sunny Florida.  She just happened to be spending the night very near my house, so I invited her and her family to stop by when they got to town. I even offered to make them a fancy dinner ~ of soft tacos!  ;) Happily, they chose to accept my offer and join us for an impromptu meal! It was truly a blessing to get to know this lovely lady and her husband and 6 of her 7 children!!  I only wish they could have stayed longer!  :)

Lilla Rose consultants are best recognized from pictures of the backs of their heads!  Can you guess why?!?  ;)  It was so fun to get our picture taken together both ways!  :)

By the way, speaking of Lilla Rose ~ there is a big spring sale going on right NOW! The March flexi-of-the-month (a beautiful hummingbird) is 15% off and an assortment of "celtic" styles are 10% off!  (Sale prices good through midnight Pacific time on Saturday, March 8th.)  To place an order or just to have a look around, click HERE and enter "celtic" in the search box to see what's on sale!

We have a special adventure planned for the early part of next week . . . so make sure and stop by next Friday to see pictures and hear all about it!  :)

Thanks for stopping by my front porch for a visit! I'd love for you to take a moment to "sign my guest book" (leave a comment!) so I can know that you stopped by and enjoyed your visit!  Please join me again next Friday on my front porch!  


Sharon said...

Your beach decor` is lovely! We are adjusting to life away from the sea and so it makes me wish a little for the sun and sand. God is allowing us to enjoy other parts of His beautiful world though. He is good!
You and your daughter have a tasteful gift of decorating. :)

busymomof10 said...

Thank you Sharon!

I know what you mean about learning to enjoy other parts of God's creation. We lived in the foothills of SC with a view of the mountains for years and appreciated that kind of beauty. Then we moved to SW Georgia and learned to appreicate the beauty of southern plantations, pecan orchards, and fields of cotton. Now, we are enjoying the marshes, the beach, the tidal creeks, and tropical foilage. God gives us so many types of beauty to enjoy!!!

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