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How to Build a Strong Christian Home ~ Review and Giveaway





One of my primary goals in life is to build a truly Christian home; therefore, I was so excited to be given an opportunity to offer a review and giveaway of June Fuentes' new ebook, How to Build a Strong Christian Home. I already knew that I loved June's writing style and biblical perspective from reading her blog A Wise Woman Builds Her Home for the last few years, and her ebook did not disappoint!  

June’s book, How to Build A Strong Christian Home, is packed full of encouragement and practical help for any mother who wants to build a Christ-centered home and raise godly children who will impact this world for Christ. Whether you grew up sitting on a pew for nine months before you even entered this world or were raised in a home shattered by sin and brokenness, this book contains the practical help you need for creating a Christian home.  And yet, remarkably, it is not a "rule book" and does not offer a "fool-proof step-by-step formula for success."

In fact, my favorite chapter of the book may be the chapter on "The Imperfect Home."  June clearly reminds us that no home or family is perfect, and is in fact filled with sinners!

It is a trap that we fall into when we even start to believe that the perfect home exists somewhere. It is a lie that magazines and good marketing ads would have us believe. Not. One. Is. Perfect. If you think that you do know of one somewhere--beware! Satan would love to distract you by getting you to start playing that comparison game with the energy draining guilt-trip following quickly behind it.

I wish that I had known that as a young mother, when I fell into the trap of trying with all my heart to be the perfect wife, mother, and homeschooler, who had a house full of perfectly behaved children.  Not surprisingly, I was often discouraged and despairing over my failures and shortcomings and inability to live up to my own expectations.

I love the fact that June helps Christian mothers have a realistic view of family life:

Without a doubt, we will definitely sin against one another; there may be squabbles, there may be voices raised, there will be misunderstandings as life can be messy. Oh, how deeply we need our Savior to intervene in our homes. Our sinful flesh is prone to tear down and destroy beautiful things the Savior has given us and what we love the most, our precious homes and families.

Amazingly, even when we fall short and fail to be perfect mothers with perfect homes, God can redeem even our weaknesses and failures and transform our homes and families by His grace into a source of beauty and blessing! 

Only God can make a home as beautiful as it should be within. Only He can make a home with much beauty--like a breathtaking, aging statue complete with cracks and imperfections that gives it distinct character and tells a timeless story.
That's why this book is so encouraging -- while it gives many wise exhortations and practical steps for creating a godly home -- it doesn't rely on our efforts alone but on the unfathomable grace of God!

Other helpful chapters include:
  • A Multi-Generational Vision: Leaving A Legacy
  • The Exquisite Home Culture
  • The Important Role Of Parents And Their Example
  • Discipleship, Shepherding Hearts, And Teaching The Word Of God In The Christian Home
  • Education In The Home: Purposeful And Powerful Kingdom Conversation
  • Preparing Your Home: The Influence Of A Godly Atmosphere
  • The Influence Of Entertainment
  • Making Memories In The Kitchen & Gracious Hospitality
  • Serving On A Mission Together As A Family
  • The Foolish Woman Tears Down Her Home
  • Guarding The Home
  • The Secret To A Happy Home Life
I highly recommend this book to all of my readers!

You can purchase the book “How To Build a Christian Home” here, or enter below for a chance to WIN a free copy!

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liz said...

I am a first generation Christian with 4 young kiddos and saw a review of this book on another sight. Love love love what it is all about!!!!

angela said...

I keep seeing this book and would love a chance to read it.

Phyllis Sather said...

I've been thinking about reading this book. Looks interesting.

mom by example said...

Hello, stopping by and enjoying my visit to your blog! I'll be back! Bonni

Rebekah said...

I am always intrigued by a source of wise advice on the family.

Becky said...

This book looks like it could be a great help to many struggling homes!

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