Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jamberry Nails {Review & Giveaway!}

I don't know about you -- but I love long, pretty fingernails!  They make me feel so feminine!  :)  Unfortunately, I have not been blessed with strong nails, so my only hope of having long nails is to keep my nails polished with several coats of nail polish and to remember to take my Biotin each day!  ;)

Of course, it can be a challenge for a busy mom to find time to polish her nails and let them dry before she's wanted for some nail-destroying task!

I always admire acrylic nails on other women . . . but I don't have the time or money to keep those up, and I've heard some scary things about the chemicals involved.

Now there's another way!  My online friend (and Lilla Rose sponsor) Misty Marr, recently introduced me to Jamberry Nails. Jamberry Nails are non-toxic vinyl nail wraps that come in a wide variety of designs.  There is a style for everyone! You can choose from solids, florals, polka-dots, sports, french tips, or geometric designs.  Jamberry offers so many delightful designs that you will find it hard to choose!  

Jamberry Nail Wraps arrive in sheets inside a protective pouch.  Each nail sheet should provide 3 or 4 applications, and each application should last up to two weeks.

Misty also sent me this Application Kit, which made applying the wraps so much easier! 

I would definitely recommend ordering it!  You would only have to purchase this kit once, and it would work over and over again for all the different wraps you might get!

To apply the nail wraps, follow these easy steps: 
1. Trim, File and Clean your nails with rubbing alcohol. Let air dry.
2. Choose what size wrap you will need. This is super easy -- just hold the sheet up to your nail and choose the correct size.
3. Peel nail wrap from backing and heat with hair dryer (or the mini Jamberry Heater) for 3-5 seconds, until soft and pliable.
4. Center wrap on nail and firmly press down with rubber cuticle stick (provided in application kit).
5. Trim the wrap to fit with nail scissors.
6. Give nail wraps another rubbing to firmly secure all edges to your nail and then hold out your hands and admire!  :)
It may seem intimidating at first, but it's really easy and it doesn't take long! I'd allow 30 minutes the first time you try this, but you could probably do it in 15 to 20 minutes once you catch on.
These nails are super cute and durable!
My Jamberry nails:

My daughter, Hannah's nails:

Right now Misty has a Jamberry Facebook Nail party going on! If you join the party, there will be additional opportunities to win free products ! Also, when you purchase 3 nail wraps, you can get the 4th free!
You can enter to win a $25 gift certificate (the winner will need to create a customer account on Misty’s Jamberry website). This giveaway is for USA winners only.


Jennifer Ronco said...

Too fun! We would live to try these!

Christi said...

I'm torn between the swimmer, the beach bum, and, of course the artist!
I think that even I could do this!

Mama Fry said...

I have loved reading and following your blog. These nail things look neat. I love the Classic and Youthful One, Peacemaker might draw me too

Tiffanee Zenes said...

I love Teal Mini Polka! I also created an account previously.

Kristin Aquariann said...

I love too many to pick a favorite, but Cup of Tea is next on my wishlist!

Jessica Wyatt said...

I love the lotus one! And the LSU collegiate. :)

Laura Lane said...


Cathy E said...

I love the icy pink polka dot!

Julia Toussaint said...

I love Galactic!

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