Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday's Tip {from a Mom of 10!}

Today I want to share with you a new product which I've recently discovered that you will definitely want to keep on hand!

On the first day of our trip to Tennessee, one of my sons noticed a patch of poison ivy on his leg from helping to clear some overgrown land the day before.  Now, in the past, when one of my sons would get poison ivy, it would spread ferociously, and after fighting a losing battle, we always ended up at the doctor's office for a round of steroids and usually a shot to get it under control.  :(

I had heard that the Plexus Body Cream was effective on poison ivy, so I pulled out my brand new bottle and put it to the test!

According to my son, it relieved the itching right away!  It also healed the blistery rash without any spreading, as you can see from the pictures above!!! 

Then, on the last day of our trip, one of my daughters was stung twice on the foot by a bee that got in her shoe.  :(  She put a little dab of Body Cream on the affected area, and we were astonished when thirty minutes later, there were no signs of a bee sting!  The redness and swelling were totally gone!

So, my tip for today is to get some Plexus Body Cream and add it to your arsenal!  It is effective on a wide variety of skin conditions, rashes, bites and stings that a mother of many must know how to expertly treat!  :)

(And while you're at it, put a dab on your own laugh lines, crow's feet, age spots, etc! You will appreciate its rejuvenating effects!)

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