Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday's Tip {from a mom of 10}

If you are a homeschooling mother, don't stress over finding the "perfect curriculum."  First of all, it is a phantom that will always elude you. Secondly, what is "perfect" for one child may not be a good fit for another child.  And what works one year, may not seem the right thing at all another year. Your needs change from child to child, year to year, and season to season, so my tip is to be flexible and willing to change.

At one point in my homeschooling career, I was a huge proponent of the unit study approach.  It was fun and enabled me to gather my large family around me and teach them all together and then to give out assignments appropriate to their different ability levels. The older children and I have many fond memories from that time period!

But my kids grew older and their needs changed.  Our schedule changed a lot.  We reached the point where I was pulled away from home more and more to take older kids to school or work, to take my mother-in-law to doctor appointments and hair appointments, and to run kids to sports practices and games.  To keep from drowning, I turned to a homeschooling style that I once frowned upon - traditional textbooks and teaching DVDs from BJU Press.  It was a lifesaver!!

Although I am occasionally tempted to jump on some exciting new bandwagon, we still find this style to be a good fit for our family in this busy season of life.  My kids can continue working even if I'm called away from home,  they like doing their school work online, and with BJU Press Distance Learning Online, I am confident that they are receiving an excellent education!

So, I encourage you to find what fits for your family during this season of life, but be willing to change as your needs change!


emilysestuary said...

Amen Sister.
As a Catholic Homeschool Mama, and my husband being retired military, it was important that we register with a school. So we found Seton Home Study. They offer a variety, but they give lesson plans and my child can do independent study. YAY

Some of this new, shiny stuff is just a distraction to me. It may be good, but I stick with what works for us.

Total Agreement.

emilysestuary said...
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Elizabeth said...

Thanks Em for stopping by and leaving a comment! I appreciate the affirmation! The grass is always greener .... Right?!

Stasia said...

I love how you talk about using what works… and that is ever changing. every child and every stage of life is different!

Sarah Ann said...

Yes! As a teacher, not yet a home schooling mom, I firmly believe there is no such thing as a perfect curriculum and that you will need other forms of activities to supplement. Great suggestions, especially since I hope to home school one day! Thanks so much for sharing with the Saturday Soiree Blog Party!

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