Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: When You've Lost Hope

Today's tip is going to be much different than normal, but I'm so moved by some testimonies I read last night and this morning, that I just feel compelled to share this with you today!

So many women are struggling under a heavy load of despair caused by chronic pain, depression, hormone imbalances, obesity, blood sugar issues, autoimmune diseases, IBS, and chronic fatigue.  If you suffer from any of these things, you may have lost hope!  But, I want you to know that Plexus has products that can help you!!  

I know you may be skeptical -- I felt the same way at first!  But I've seen and heard enough dramatic testimonies from customers, friends, and fellow ambassadors, that I'm convinced these products can be truly Life-changing for many, many people!

No, Plexus isn't a "magic pill" that will instantly cure everything that ails you, but these products are uniquely designed to pinpoint the key issues that are plaguing Americans today!  By addressing blood sugar imbalances, reducing inflammation, and restoring gut health, Plexus products are giving the amazing human body the tools it needs to heal itself the way God designed!

Psalm 139:13 ~ I will praise Thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are Thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well."  

PLEASE read this amazing, true life testimony from Plexus Ambassador Lori Harrison:

I'm gonna take you on a little journey with me. 

Three years ago- I was depressed.
My brother had died what I considered a mystery death. I had gained and gained and gained weight. I ate to numb the pain. But that doesn't actually work, as we all know.
I had worked on my photography skills and was becoming quite good at that! Jeddie had been working shiftwork at the tire plant for 14 years, and was miserable. Had just quit the tire plant and started selling cars full time! It was my birthday month-- and I was miserable. I ordered this product, thinking I had to do something. At that point, rational thought was not my companion. I had spent countless nights crying myself to sleep- questioning God about the master plan.
To have a fog lifted off of me would seem like a miracle. I was in a constant funk.

It happened in less than three days.

Here's the thing. I had a brainwash mentality. I thought Plexus was kind of pricey. Yet I was spending like $5 or more a day on Sonic drinks and absolute junk food.
I still wanted to lose weight. But the fact that I could actually feel sunshine again was the best thing that could have happened for me.
My kids and husband and I haven't been to the doctor since then. No allergies, sinus infections, no strep throat, no headaches, hormonal problems, and I got my life back. My kids got the mom they deserve and Jeddie is the biggest fan of Plexus. He got his wife back.
I am fun again. If nothing else happened except THAT sentence right there. I'm fun again.
Life threw my entire family a curve ball. My dad died in 2004. My older sister, Cherry died a couple months before my brother. (I rarely talk about that out of respect--her death, in my opinion, was linked to years of depression and drug usage-- and where she is today, she would want people to learn from her life). So, our family of 6 that I grew up with, became a family of 3. 

I think to myself all the time how things might have been different for either Luke or Cherry if Plexus had been around back then. But I try to re-focus that instead to the fact that there are so many people who I love that can still benefit. 

My sister, Leah, used these products and got rid of a severe, deadly wheat allergy. And also, in turn, was able to get pregnant. My stepdad used to have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis to the point that the doctors had given him a timeline in which he had before the meds would do his liver in. 
Using his experience and refusing to shut my mouth about it on Facebook, we have helped THOUSANDS duplicate his good fortune. He no longer needs his RA meds. At all! 

I have started traveling, teaching what I have learned about our body, our immune system, and its amazing ability to heal itself, if you understand how it works!
Please consider researching before blindly taking steroids and other immunosuppressants!
I feel I'm called to say that right there! I got my case jumped repeatedly, in the beginning, for saying that. So much so that, considering my "pleaser" personality- had I not felt a holy boldness about it, I would have shut down and gone back to taking pictures again. Even posting a post like this takes it out of me. It's incredibly emotional for me still.
I pray that my life-- my brother's life, and both of my sister's stories will inspire you to dig deeper-- ask more questions. To pray for answers. And not blindly do what the masses do- just because the masses do it!
I'm gonna make a post asking customers to tell me ways in which Plexus has saved them money. My hope is to help you overcome your brainwash too.

Lori is very transparent and Real. Grab a kleenex and watch this video where she shares more of her testimony:

So, my tip for today is to please take some time to explore Plexus!  If you've lost hope due to health and/or financial problems, I'd love to share with you how Plexus might be the answer you've been looking for in both arenas!

If you'd like to know more, please email me at elizabeth@yestheyareallours.com.  I'll be glad to help you explore how Plexus might be able to give you HOPE physically, emotionally, and financially!  (If you need Hope spiritually, I'd be glad to share about the Hope that lies within me and share how you can have that hope too!)  

Important:  If you decide to try Plexus products for your health issues, you can do so Risk-Free, as Plexus offers a 60-day Money Back Guarantee!  (How many doctors or pharmacists do you know who offer a guarantee like that for their products and services??)

My website:  www.elizabethours.myplexusproducts.com
My ambassador number:  289689

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