Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Prepared to be a Blessing

Today I want to share a quick tip that helps you be ready to bless others.

One way busy moms at home can minister to others is by taking a meal to a family when there has been a crisis of some kind. I have often blessed a family with a meal when the mom was struggling with morning sickness or on bed rest with a difficult pregnancy or after the birth of a new baby.  I've also prepared meals for families who were moving, had someone in the hospital, or when there was a death in the family.  And sometimes I've shared a meal or portion of a meal with someone . . .  just because!  :)

I've also been the recipient of many such thoughtful meals through the years!  What I've learned along the way is that it is so much easier to not have to worry about whose dish belongs to whom and to not have to worry about getting all the dishes thoroughly washed (often by child helpers) and returned to the proper people.  So, I try to send food in disposable pans when possible.  That way, the dishes don't have to be washed or returned!  :)

So, my tip for today is to keep some disposable pans on hand.  That way when you need to take a meal to someone, you are prepared. If you want to take this preparation a step further, then try to keep your pantry stocked with the ingredients you need to make a simple meal for someone.  It will make it so much easier to be a blessing!!  :)


Caromama said...

This is so good. It was a blessing to receive a meal when I was on bed rest. I'm reading up on ways to be more hospitable and ways to make my home more inviting. Any tips are definitely appreciated! Thank you!

Jennifer Ronco said...

Great tip!

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