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Our Thanksgiving Miracle, Conclusion

If you're just joining in, you'll want to take a moment and read my previous posts, or this post won't make much sense!  Just click on the links below:

OK - now you are ready to read the surprising conclusion to Our Thanksgiving Miracle of 2003!

In the stressful days and weeks following our accident, I was so busy caring for the physical and emotional needs of my husband and nine children, that I didn't have time to think much about myself. I knew I had to stay strong for everyone else, and really didn't allow myself to cry or think about how close we came to being a much smaller family . . .  I just kept going.  

Eventually, I had to face up to the fact that something was wrong with me. I was exhausted and nauseous and feeling horrible!  The more I considered all of my symptoms, the more I realized I had seen this unique set of symptoms before -- nine times before, to be exact! Yet, I simply could not believe that God would allow me to get pregnant at such a time as this!!

After my usual mode of operation -- "ignore it and hope it goes away" -- didn't work, I finally took a pregnancy test.  With my suspicions confirmed, I not only had to deal with this new twist to the plot of my life, but I had to break the news to my husband!  Poor guy! When I told him that he was about to be a father for the tenth time, he just stared at me in disbelief and asked for more pain medicine!  ;)  

This was a huge test of my faith!  Did I still believe that God was in control??  I mean, couldn't He see that this was a terrible time to bring a new baby into our family? Didn't He notice that I was totally overwhelmed??  Did I still believe that children were a blessing from the Lord, even if they were born at a terribly inconvenient and stressful time???

It took me quite awhile to wrestle with these questions, and to come to peace with my circumstances and to accept this as God's perfect will for my life!  For awhile, I cried every single day!  

As I began to accept and embrace the fact that I carried a new life, worry set in.  Since I was actually pregnant at the time of the accident, and had had abdominal x-rays to rule out any internal injuries in the ER, I was terrified that the baby would be born with major birth defects. Thankfully, an ultrasound put my fears to rest.

Even though it was such an extremely difficult thing to accept the news of a new baby back in December and January . . . by the time August rolled around, our lives looked totally different!  Injuries were healed and life was pretty much back to normal.  You can see how nicely Joe's face had healed by this time in this picture:

By this time, we were all truly excited to be welcoming a precious little girl into our lives! After all, we needed another "rose" in our garden with six "thorns!"  :)  

Bethany, our little "rosebud" brought much joy into our lives when she was born in August of 2004!  She was a cute, cuddly, and content little baby! :)

In our eyes, Bethany was nothing short of a miracle, surviving a traumatic rollover accident, my abdominal x-rays, and a highly stress-filled first trimester!  She was a living reminder that God brings good out of bad, life out of death, and hope even in the darkest of times!  She was our gold at the end of the rainbow!!! 

It may seem that my story is over, but there was one more little surprise that lay in store for us!  It happened either on Thanksgiving or Christmas the year after the accident.  (Alan thinks it was Thanksgiving, and I think it was Christmas!)  ;)

We had a surprise visit from a man who was a truck driver and had witnessed our accident the year before! He had somehow managed to learn our names and locate us. He came bearing gifts and all kinds of food from his Sunday School class!!!!  He loved getting to meet the family and was relieved to discover that everyone had survived and recovered . . . and was amazed that God had actually protected not just nine, but ten children that day!!!  :)

He was able to provide a missing detail that had always puzzled my husband.  Alan had always marveled that no other cars had plowed into us after the accident, knowing how busy the interstate was the day before Thanksgiving.  Now, we learned in amazement that this man had positioned his tractor trailer in such a way that it blocked all the southbound lanes, so that no one would hit into us after the wreck! He too, had been so shook up by our accident, that he was unable to sleep that night, and spent the night praying for us!  He also asked his church to pray for our family in the days that followed!!

We were once again blown away by God's amazing protection over us, by His provision of our every need, and by His positioning of other Christians around us that day to actively help us and pray for us in our time of need!!  How could we ever doubt His goodness and His sovereignty in our lives???

I don't remember exactly when it happened, but at some point after the accident the Lord caused this verse to jump off the page of my Bible and into my heart:  

"But for this very purpose have I let you live, that I might show you my power, and that my Name may be declared throughout all the earth."  
~ Exodus 9:16, Amplified Bible

Thank you for reading my story and allowing me to declare His Great Name throughout all the earth, or at least as far as the world wide web takes this blog post!   :)


CynthiaJSwenson said...

Awesome story! I love the surprise at the end....another blessing from God! Thank you for sharing this! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

mommaren said...

Incredible! Tears each day as I read your posts. Thank you for sharing your story.

delete said...

What an awesome story! I really had tears reading the first parts, and also wondered how I would react! (I cannot handle blood at all and just a little blood already makes me feel like fainting) In the middle of trauma God is still there and how He took care of you all...It is a touching story. I couldn't read part 3 though, the links don't work. I hope you can take a look at it, I would love to read that part too. God's blessings for you all! Thank you for being an encouragement for others! Sam (from Curacao)

Урнаа said...

Wow. I havent visited your blog for a year as i have been busy having my 3r child. Today i visited and my heart is filled happiness over your 10th precious baby and happy that you are all well after that accident . And i have goosebumps reading the prayers of truckdriver and his prayers. Hope everything will be only on the lucky and happy side from now on. Good luck. Love reading your blogs.

busymomof10 said...

Thanks for reading! I'm glad that God prompted me to write this all down, or I would have forgotten many of the details.

I've fixed the link to Part 3, so try again! It's my favorite part of the story! :)

Nynke said...

It has reached The Netherlands :) Thank you for sharing, it helps me put my minor trials in perspective. Also to be reminded that and extra grateful for how God has kept us and our children safe on the road (only this morning my son's bike seat was torn lose from the cargobike after a fall). Blessings to you and your family!

Lori said...

How great is our God! What an amazing story of God's provision and protection. Thanks for sharing!

Marcy said...

Wow, that is quite a story! My family had a bad car accident in the fall of 2009. My husband and two sons were in the van at the time. Our (then 13) year old son shouldn't have survived. The seat he was sitting in was completely crushed in. He was in intensive care for a few days, but he is a walking miracle! I know how horrific it is to live through something like that! I had a one week old baby at the time! Not something I ever would want to go through, but looking back we can see the Lord's hand in all of it. Thanks for sharing your story!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, that must have been tough Marcy! Thanks for sharing! So grateful for Gods mercy in both of our lives!

Beth said...

Such an amazing and challenging event to live through, Elizabeth, and yet it has the fingerprints of God all over it! I'm so glad you all survived and are thriving. And what a beautiful reminder of God's new life in little Bethany!

Kathie Morrissey said...

Wow, this made me cry! So glad for the way God protected and took care of all of you, and added an extra blessing as well! :)

Julie Filter said...

I can't barely see through my tears right now. It always hurts my heart when I hear that "God's people aren't answering the call to help anymore," but stories like this declare that God's true people are alive and well, and acting in major ways all the time. I'm so thankful to have happened upon your story today while linking up. It greatly reminds me of my own story of heartache when my son was diagnosed with a very rare auto-immune disorder over two years ago. I had just had a baby who was 3 months old, and many thought that the baby plus the challenges of a completely new life situation would have been too much, but she was the JOY in the tragedy and was the cause for sooooooo many of our smiles in the face of heartache. This year we have been experiencing unemployment and total life change (ironically, we moved into our own travel trailer and our set-up is much like yours, 15 passenger van and all...but technology and devices for safety have severely changed since your accident), and, once again, a baby has been the greatest joyful provision of smiles and glee. Our six children have each made our lives that much more full and overflowing. Thank you for sharing your story and His blessing! We need to hear more of these testimonies! =0)

The Mayo Family said...

Checking in on you .... wondering how you & yours & your Daddy & Mom are? Praying things are all okay and that it's just been a busy family time!
Prayers & a hug to you~

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