Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Surround Yourself with Beauty


Since I shared marriage advice from my mentor, Charlotte Siems, yesterday, I thought it was a good time to follow that up with a practical tip I've learned from her for my Tuesday's Tip. So, here it is - a tip that could prove life changing if you embrace it:

Life is too short to live ugly.

Over the course of many years (before Plexus changed her family's financial future), Charlotte learned how to stretch a very small income to meet the needs of a very large family.  In her words, her house is decorated in "early garage sale!"  Yet, somewhere along the way, she learned that life is just too short to live with things you hate. By learning to scour garage sales, thrift stores, consignment shops, and discount stores, and by bathing it all in prayer, she has been able to get rid of the ugly, and surround herself in beauty!

What is it that you hate every time you see it?  A certain piece of furniture or a specific wall color or a set of dishes or a threadbare comforter or an ugly winter coat?  Start thinking about how you might be able to replace the offending item with something you love and that brings you joy, because life is just too short to live ugly!  :)

For inspiration from the amazing Charlotte Siems on how to quit living ugly and to start surrounding yourself with beauty, read these posts:

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With some creativity, resourcefulness, and determination we can change out many things we hate with things we love!  What is the first thing you hope to replace with something that brings you joy??


Helene Smith said...

What would I replace first? My vacuum. It isn't ugly its just really slow and ineffective. But after that I'd get chairs that match!

busymomof10 said...

Helene, I hope you can find a better vacuum!! It's really a pain to have on that doesn't work well!

Re: the chairs -- if they are dining table chairs, maybe you could paint them to match? I love the things people are doing with Annie Sloan chalk paint!

If you are talking about fabric chairs -- what about slip covers??

We recently sold some furniture at a consignment shop so we could trade out for items we liked better!

Have fun dreaming and scheming! ;)

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