Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: A Tip to Make Kitchen Clean Up Go a Bit Faster!

It's that time of year again when we find oursevles in the kitchen a lot -- preparing the annual Thanksgiving feast, baking Christmas cookies and treats, and making food to take to various parties or to give as gifts to neighbors and friends. 

Yesterday I shared the "secret ingredient" to a successful marriage!  Today, I want to share a time saving tip that will help kitchen clean up go a bit faster!  (Cooking is always a lot more fun than cleaning up, don't you think?!?)

I spray just about every pan and baking dish and even the insides of my crock pot with Pam cooking spray before I fill it with the food to be cooked.  It makes clean up so much easier!!

If you do end up with stubborn baked on junk to scrub out, try soaking your pan overnight with some dishwashing powder and water.  You'll be amazed the next morning when the baked on stuff just rinses right out!

So, there you have it -- two tips for the price of one!!  ;)  I hope these tips help you clean up more quickly after holiday cooking and baking sprees!  ;)  

Note: We avoid as much canola oil as possible in our house (Nasty Stuff).  I usually use Olive Oil Pam . . . . but imagine my excitement to discover new Coconut Oil Pam!!!  AWESOME!  :)

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Caromama said...

Thanks for the tip! I hope the coconut oil doesn't have soy in it. I've recently read the label and found the Pam olive oil I used for years is not 100% olive oil. I found a spray that is! It's winona pure brand and works well. Found it at Walmart and price is comparable to the Pam. Also they had pompeian 100% grapeseed oil spray. I will look for the coconut oil you suggested. Thanks!

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