Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What's Cooking? Thai Chicken, Kale and Butternut Stew Over Jasmine Rice

Looking for something different for supper tonight?  I thought I'd share the recipe I created a few nights ago!  It was really, really good!  In fact, I sort of feel like The Pioneer Woman or something!  ;)

First, I cut up some boneless, skinless chicken breasts into chunks and browned them in some olive oil in a large pot.


While the chicken was cooking, I diced up a sweet Vidalia onion and added it to the chicken.  I also tossed in some minced garlic, because everything's better with a little garlic!  :)

Meanwhile, I worked on my squash.  This is definitely the year of the Butternut for me!  I don't know that I've ever cooked a butternut squash before  . . . and I've used at least four of them so far this fall!  They are so yummy!  This is what I did -- I peeled that big boy with a vegetable peeler and then cut it into thick slices, scooping out the seeds where needed, and then cut each slice into rows horizontally and then vertically, creating large chunks.

By this time my chicken and onions were cooked to perfection, so I tossed the butternut chunks into the pot and poured in some Thai Ginger chicken broth and some Taste of Thai coconut milk!!  Yum!  I added some freshly ground sea salt and pepper.

While this was coming to a boil, I tossed three hand fulls of fresh kale into my food processor and chopped it up into small pieces and added it to the pot.  Once my masterpiece came to a boil, I turned down the heat, put on the lid, and let it simmer until the butternut and kale were tender.

While my stew was simmering, I made a batch of Jasmine rice.

In twenty minutes, both were done and I was ready to serve my savory Thai Chicken, Kale and Butternut Stew over the Jasmine Rice!  :)  Delicious!!!  :)

Let me know if you give this a try!  :)


Lois said...

This looks and sounds AWESOME!! I definitely want to try it. Will need to buy a few ingredients first. :-/

Lois said...
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busymomof10 said...

Thanks Lois! Let me know how you like it! I can't wait to make it again! :)

Happy Busy Mama said...

Oooo la la!!! I am going to put this on my list for the weekend after Thanksgiving. My whole extended family will be together and we will definitely not have any leftovers after the big day.

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