Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Where I've Been and My Top Ten Posts from 2014

What happened?  Where have you been?  That was the #1 question I received this December!!

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth, and No, the Rapture didn't occur either!  (Aren't you glad?!?)  No crisis - but a big thanks to those of you who emailed to check on me!  

It all started when I encountered the "screen of death" on my laptop . . .  Fortunately, it was able to be resurrected, but then I realized my problem was some kind of virus.  Thankfully, one of my sons helped me run a special system scan, which identified and destroyed the malware that was attacking my computer.   

So, I thought I was good to go and was eager to share about our granddaughter's first birthday and our family Thanksgiving, when I realized I had no pictures!!  I had gotten a new iPhone, and all of my pictures were on the old phone . . . 

And then before I could figure out what to do, I was blindsided by Christmas shopping and baking and decorating and wrapping and special events . . . and did I mention basketball games and practices??  And trying to keep up with two home businesses???

Yes, December has been a blur!  

Even though there was nothing new here on the blog to read this December, I'm thankful for those who stopped by and read from the archives and left me a few comments along the way.  

Today I took a few moments to look back over the year and discover what my most popular posts were!  After taking a look at my stats, I discovered that these are my top ten most-read posts from 2014:

#10 -- Our Thanksgiving Miracle, part 2

Were any of these your favorites too?

Thanks for reading here this year, and I hope you'll join me tomorrow for my first post from 2015.  :)
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