Friday, January 9, 2015

From my Front Porch ~ January 9, 2015

Welcome back to my weekly series, From my Front Porch, where I share updates from my home and family. My hope is that you'll fix yourself a cup of coffee or tea and imagine us sitting together on my front porch, chatting about life and catching up on the latest news!  I hope you'll join me each Friday on My Front Porch!  

Wow! It has been awhile since I took time to visit with you on my front porch!  Back in early December, I started having some computer problems and discovered I had a bunch of malware running on my computer.  Once my son, Chris, helped me get my computer cleaned off, I planned to resume blogging.  But by that time, the craziness of the Christmas season (plus basketball season) was upon me, and I never found the time to get back to my blog!!

Good News:  I got all of my Christmas shopping done and presents wrapped in time for Christmas!  (With a family of my size, that's no easy undertaking!)  :)  

We had a wonderful Christmas!  It was such a blessing to have the entire family together!  :)  However, Kristi got the flu right before Christmas and Sarah got it the day after.  :(  Hence the wearing of the latest fashion accessory -- the mask!!  ;)

Enjoy a photo journey through our Christmas Day!  

Our Christmas day was truly a blessing from beginning to end!  I am so blessed to have a family that loves one another, relishes giving gifts to one another and enjoys spending time together!!

My favorite time of the year is the week between Christmas and New Years!  It is such a peaceful, quiet time ~ perfect for reflecting, setting goals, and planning ahead!  

We usually leave the decorations up until New Years Day, but this year I organized the troops and we went ahead and took down the Christmas tree and restored order to the family room! I even bought a new chair during a 50% off sale with my Plexus earnings to complete our family room!

Before we knew it, it was time to welcome a new year!  (We won't talk about the fact that most of us slept the new year in this year!) A quiet New Year's Eve was followed by a quiet, peaceful New Year's Day. 

And then it was time for good-byes and new beginnings.  Back to grad school for Tiffany . . . 

(and Sofi) :)

A Caribbean cruise for Hannah!

A new chapter for Chris!

A new flexi of the month for me!  ;)

A new word for a new year . . . . 

I love starting a brand new year, don't you?  A year that is fresh and new, with no mistakes in it!  

I'd love to hear about your goals and dreams for the new year!


Thanks for stopping by my front porch for a visit! I'd love for you to take a moment to "sign my guest book" (leave a comment!) so I can know that you stopped by and enjoyed your visit!  Please join me again next Friday on my front porch!  


ourhomemarysmantle said...

What a beautiful family!
Thanks for sharing them!

Kyliegh said...

10 children! WOW! I get crazed with only 3! But yet everyone in your pictures looked so happy- that says a lot! Hope you have a great new year!

Cheryl said...

I loved reading about your Christmas and seeing all of the wonderful pictures of your beautiful family! You are abundantly blessed, as are we all! God is SO good. I hadn't caught up with you for a while, so it was good to visit together with you this morning. God bless you and your family in the new year! I have been praying about my one word, and I finally had confirmation of it from the dear Lord the other day in prayer. I am writing about it now, and it should be posted to my blog before too many more days, Lord willing. :)

Naomi said...

Elizabeth...Hi friend. Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for sharing it. Have a wonderful week.

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