Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Blanket Training for Babies

One of the most helpful tips I can give to mothers of little ones is to implement blanket training.

Blanket Training is the art of teaching an older baby or toddler to sit quietly and play on a baby quilt or other defined area for a certain amount of time.  While the training process requires determination and consistency, the rewards are definitely worth it!

This practice offers many advantages for baby, including keeping the curious child safe, teaching her obedience and self-control, and providing a sense of security in a strange environment.

It also offers many advantages for Mom, including giving her a way to keep baby contained and safe while she cooks dinner or tends to another child, teaching a very young child to respect boundaries, and providing a way to keep an older baby or young child protected and constructively occupied when away from home.

A blanket-trained baby is a blessing to be around, because when the blanket comes out, the young child knows how to play contentedly with a basket of toys for a reasonable amount of time, whether at home, at a friend's house, at church, at a doctor's office or at a business meeting.

It is easy to throw a blanket and a few toys into a diaper bag or purse, which is why blanket training has been called "a playpen in a purse."

Sarah's Mommy, Kristi, has wisely taught her to play on a blanket for a few minutes each day.

To learn how you can blanket train your baby, refer to my post, Blanket Training 101.


Jamie said...

Our family has tried this with a few of our children. Do you have any tips on "how" to do it? Thanks! Jamie ~ Alabama


I like this idea a lot. It is quite thoughtful.
Thanks for sharing.


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