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Marriage Monday: Model P31: Looking Well to the Ways of Your Household

Welcome back to Marriage Monday!  I'm so glad you've joined me as we focus on strengthening and promoting godly marriages, both in our nation and in our own backyards.  {The need for this has never been greater!}

Today I am continuing my series for wives (and future wives) based on the ideal wife of Proverbs 31. It is both fun and challenging to look at this passage verse by verse and then examine our own lives and look for practical ways to apply these timeless principles. Please join me each Monday as we continue to examine the character and wisdom of this noble woman and learn how we can each become a Model P31! 

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.
~ Proverbs 31:27

The virtuous woman is a model of industry and productivity! She is never idle! As we've already seen, even when she is "relaxing on the couch," she stays busy with her hands!

However, what amazes me the most about our Model P31 is not all that she accomplishes, but the fact that with all of her work in the home, and in the fields, selling her hand-crafted merchandise to the merchants, supporting her husband, and reaching out with compassion to the needy in her community, that she doesn't neglect her own household!!

In my life, it seems that as I attempt to wear many hats and juggle many responsibilities, eventually I discover that some aspect of my own household has been neglected.  For example, I'm thinking of a recent morning, when we woke up to no milk in the house . . . 

In a busy household like mine, it is definitely a challenge to keep up with every aspect of life and stay on top of everything! Yet, that is our goal and mission and purpose -- to be keepers of the home and to look well to the ways of our household! 

Certainly, a large part of that involves home management and keeping the house clean, orderly, and running efficiently. And yes, that would include making sure we have a well-stocked pantry and refrigerator, which is an unbelievable challenge when you have one or more teenaged boys in the house!  ;)  But is that all this verse is talking about??

I believe that the most crucial aspect of this verse extends beyond the physical needs of the members of our household, and involves their spiritual and emotional needs!  And these can be much harder to attend to!  We must learn to be in tune to the emotional needs of those in our homes and be aware of the one who may be hurting, feeling left out, feeling unloved, or feeling guilty over unconfessed sin. If we must make a choice, it is even more important that we are attentive to these needs than the physical ones!

The Hebrew word for "she looketh well" means "to keep watch or to spy." It is most often translated "watchman."  Isn't that interesting?  A huge part of our job description is to be like a watchman on the wall, keeping guard over everything that comes into our houses and monitoring the activities that go on inside our homes.  With not only television but all the devices that can be connected to the world wide web . . . this can be a daunting task to say the least!!   

As we take seriously our responsibility to watch over our households, we also become increasingly aware of our limitations.  We can not be every place at once! We can not see every action, hear every word, be aware of every physical, emotional and spiritual need! It is then that we are compelled to cry out to our Heavenly Father and ask Him to watch over and guard our homes and the tender hearts that live within its walls!

Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. ~ Psalm 127:1

Obviously, managing, guarding, praying for and watching over everything that goes on in our homes is a full-time job! If we are watching well to the ways of our household, we will find that we don't have time for idle pursuits, such as sitting in front of the TV for hours, spending too much time on Facebook or Pinterest, or reading things that don't edify and equip us for our responsiblities! 

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. ~ Psalm 90:12

Especially for Single P31s:

Every single P31 can learn to look well to the ways of her household as she applies this teaching to her own areas of jurisdiction, whether a bedroom, dorm room, apartment or a small house.  May I encourage you to start while you are young learning wise use of your time, avoiding idle pursuits, and developing systems for efficient management of your space and your responsiblities? You can also train yourself to be alert to the needs of others within your sphere of influence.  

Project P31, Mission #18:

I hope you're ready for a challenging homework assignment!  It's time to evaluate your use of time. Are you spending too much time in idle pursuits?  Are you generally lazy and sluggish or diligent and productive? Are you spending enough time managing your household? 

How is your home management? Is your household running smoothly?  Do you have systems in place that give your "train" a "track to run on?" In what areas do you need to "lay down some tracks?"

Are you tuned in to the emotional and spiritual needs of your family? Is the Lord pricking your heart with a need that should be attended to right away?  Are you spending enough time praying for your family??

Are you acting as the guardian of your home? What have you let slip in under the crack in the door??  

I don't know about you, but I think I'm going to be busy this week evaluating some things in my home!  :)  

Your Turn to Share:

I hope you'll take time to complete your mission for this week and share your thoughts here!  What area of your home management needs attention?  Or do you need to focus less on homemaking and more on the people that reside in your home?  What activities need to occupy less of your time?

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