Monday, November 23, 2015

Marriage Monday: A Marriage that Beautifully Illustrates God's Divine Plan

Welcome back to Marriage Monday!  I'm so glad you've joined me as we focus on strengthening and promoting godly marriages, both in our nation and in our own backyards.  {The need for this has never been greater!}

Today I want to share the most beautiful love story I've ever seen or heard!! I had heard of this relationship -- but watching their video really touched my heart!!

I just wonder . . . if more marriages truly reflected the love that Christ has for his church, if more couples truly lived out this kind of pure love for one another that is based on a holy love for Jesus Christ and a desire to please Him first and foremost, if we would be battling the redefinition of marriage in our country . . . 

I'm just pondering how much marriage has been devalued and perverted over the years, until it rarely resembles that holy institution which God designed it to be!  

I just love how this couple elevates marriage - truly demonstrating that it is a holy, set apart union that illustrates the relationship between Christ and His Beloved Bride!  Watch this video . . . and tell me what you think!  :)

1 comment:

Anika Jones said...

Thank you for sharing this. I remember listening to revive our hearts when I first began my journey as a stay at home mom 11 years ago. THe Lord used the things Nancy taught to bless me in so many ways. I am sO happy for her, what an awesome example!

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